Stephen King Finally Gets ‘IT’ Director

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After two years in a spellbound limbo, Stephen King has finally found his director for his fantasy horror reboot  It. Andy Mushietti, the director behind the horror cult film Mamma, is lined up to be the next director to remake the classic 1,000 page novel. Mushietti has been involved as both writer and director of the scary tale, but dropped out because of goulish red tape.

Like all Hollywood horror films in production, accidents, mishaps and uncontrolled spirits of evil halted the work on the two-part adaption of the King classic. The 1990 mini-series starred Tim Curry as the evil fanged clown, Pennywise. Mushietti’s horror fantasy flick, Momma, was produced by punk-gothic director Guillermo Del Torro,  Pan’s Labyrinth. The movie’s dark wooded edges and stringly-haired ghostly anti-hero, received unexpected praise from critics. The story involved two little girls that were followed by an overprotective poltergeist, that adopted the children when they were abandoned by their father. The image of the little girl, Lilly, devouring a giant moth, is still one of the creepiest scenes of the movie.

The story of Momma is an excellent prelude to Mushietti’s upcoming reboot. It, is the story of an evil entity that takes the form of a clown, and terrorizes children in a town in Maine, the author’s backyard. The premise of It serves well with the director, because both stories involve children that are haunted by evil, in one form or another.King

The Uncle of Horror’s original 1986 novel was adapted as a TV series in 1991. The creepy classic starred the late John Ritter, as one of the misfits that faced his own personal demons along with the shark toothed clown. Pennywise, the shape shifting party pooper, haunted the children of Derry Maine. Derry Maine is a fictional town and part of Stephen King’s Mainetography. It has also been written into his other novels such as The Bird and the Album, and reappeared in his 2011 novel 11\22\63.

The best-selling author’s novels that have been on the big screen have all been thrilling, brain twisting spectacles. Carrie, The Shining and Creepshow are Halloween classics. Misery, which starred Kathy Bates,  earned her an Oscar for best actress. King has sold over 350 million books. The author who once told Rolling Stone magazine that “Hemingway sucks,” said that he is proud at the fact that he has elevated the Horror genre. Stephen King is finally getting the director that a classic like It deserves.

It, was the twenty-second book published by Stephen King. The cast has not been set yet, but the shoes of Henry Bowers, the neighborhood bully, will be difficult to fill along with the vulturesk talons of the balloon blowing shape shifter. Pennywise the Dancing Clown is a creature from an unknown realm outside children’s nightmares. According to the bloodlusting clown, it prefers innocent children because “frightened flesh tastes better.”Stephen King gave his blessing, and finally found the director he needed for It. With all the backstories and possible reincarnations, fans can expect a Kill Bill roll of sequels and prequels. Pennywise the clown will be making his reincarnated return in 2017.

by Phillip Hernandez


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