Suits and Sex Make Men More Desirable to Women of the Millennium


Imagine a time where suits and ties, dresses and heels, hats, bags, and business fashion were simply a normal sight for men and women everywhere. The millennium woman does, and claims that men need to ditch the jeans and t-shirts and put back on the suits and ties. In a post-millennium era where fashion seems to be on yet another cusp of recycling something old and presenting it as something new, women say that suits are sexy and make men more desirable to them.

In a recent Facebook poll, women were asked what type of fashion they prefer on their men. In an almost landslide, almost all participants said they desperately prefer a man in a well-tailored suit as opposed to any casual look. It seems that a suit does more for a man (according to women) than just making him look like a corporate prototype in the mill of business clones. Many women say that a suit promotes power and prestige. It makes a man look like he knows how to take care of business and has dreams and goals that he is determined to reach.

Although many working-class women say they prefer a man in a great double-breasted coat, textured tie, and great loafers, the executives of popular womens’ magazines such as Marie Claire, O, and Cosmopolitan say a little something different. In a survey done of the female staff of the aforementioned magazines, it was found that suits are not the most popular after all. According to the Esquire survey, Levi’s, the color blue, a fireman’s uniform, and a $50 haircut are preferred over a tailored suit and tie, which many of the staff said are boring and simply blasè.

Despite the opinions of those in the world of fashion magazines, the average millennium woman sticks close to her belief that a man in a great tailor-made suit is by far the sexiest thing ever. The president of LA Curly Girls, a group of women advocates for natural hair, Lydia Boyd, says, “If he isn’t in a suit daily, it shows his versatility and his ability to be fluid in various settings and occasions. If he does wear a suit daily and he wears it well, it shows me that he understands his fashion. He’s aware of himself and his body.”

Many would agree that there is something about slacks and a jacket that give a particular prestige and demeanor to a man’s appearance. Whether he is walking into the boardroom or just another social party, a suit can definitely draw attention to a man who dons the classic tailored look. Although opinions may differ on preference, it is agreed that suits are sexy and make men seem more desirable for women of the millennium era.

With a Master of Science degree in health administration, La Ronda Jones-Guttierez, a program data and evaluation manager, says that a man in a suit is the perfect fit for a business woman such as herself. When polled on what a suit on a man does for her, she said, “I see power, there’s some security there for me. As a business woman, I also see my equal dressing this way….” It would appear that a woman’s sexual desire and overall attraction, in part, is due to what they see a man wearing. The age-old adage, “The clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes,” is, in some small margin, true to the letter.

It would seem that, on a sexual scale, a suit and tie are somewhat of an aphrodisiac to most women. As Jones-Gutierrez stated, there is a security for a woman when she crosses paths with a man who looks like a business professional and who looks fashionably great to boot. Whether a two-button or three-button suit, ascot, bow tie, or tie, a tailored look screams sex appeal. Jidenna, an up-and-coming American recording artist, has put the suit fashion game on the top tier of things to aspire to with his latest single, Classic Man, which is a song about a man who has no problem styling himself in the classic suit-and-tie look while still holding tight to any street credit he might possess. Jidenna gives a fresh new spin on the idea of what wearing a suit means for men today, which is not too different from what Justin Timberlake expressed in his appropriately-named song Suit & Tie.

While most women find the ensemble sexy and seductive, most men find it boring and restricting. It is a symbol of conformism and a corporate  reminder that individuality is of no importance. However, with artists such as Jidenna, the Classic Man look is now being seen (especially by a younger demographic) as something cool and unique. Many are asking (and secretly hoping) if people are headed into a new era similar to that of the ’30s and ’40s, where dressing up was the national appeal.

Whether it is the men who are moving back to the suits and ties out of a need to be cool, or the women pushing them to dress up out of a desire to see sexy men in tailored outfits again, suits, seemingly, are here to stay. A tailor-made suit plus some major sex appeal are making men more and more desirable to women of the millennium and the women are having no problem with it. Exclusive Suits 4 You seems to say it best, “A good suit makes an interesting man. And an interesting man is in a good suit.”

Opinion by Danyol Jaye

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

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Image Courtesy of Jonathan Mueller’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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