‘Teen Wolf’ Gets Darker and More Abstract in Season 5 [Review]

Teen Wolf

Since heading into Season 5 of the paranormal drama, engulfed with werewolves, were-coyotes, and banshees, Teen Wolf gets more interesting with every episode. From the romance conundrum that is Stiles and Lydia (as well as Stiles and Malia) to the ever evolving leadership of Scott, this show keeps fans tuned in with mystical drama intertwined with relatable plotlines of high school kids. With three episodes into the new season, this show does not disappoint as Teen Wolf gets darker and more abstract in Season 5.

Season 4 left fans with many jaws dropped as it ended with the death of Allison Argent, the reveal of Scotts true alpha abilities, and the unforgettable moment of Derek’s pure wolf form. Season 5 shifted right into high gear as the show now takes viewers on a wild and unpredictable trip through the character’s senior year. The season began with an adventurous and action packed cold opening in the first episode. Viewers find Lydia in a psychiatric hospital, fighting her way out (with some kick butt powers fans have never quite seen before) only to be stopped and overtaken after seeing a seemingly friendly face who tells her, she is not ready. Ready for what exactly? Fans later find out, as the clock turns back, that Lydia is made to relive the year that leads up to all of her friends, according to her shrink, dying horrible deaths.

As Scott is trying to get in tune with his alpha wolf abilities, Stiles is on a one-way mission to keep his friends together as long as humanly (or creaturely) possible. After a conversation with his father, Stiles realizes that many high school friendships do not last past senior year. He feels like there is simply too much to lose if the core group can not find a way to stick together. As per the Teen Wolf norm, there is a new (almost) familiar face in town looking to buddy up to Scott and his “pack”. Stiles, however, is not convinced that the grade school companion is trustworthy and goes to great lengths (as usual) to find out what is behind the facade; making the second episode of the series all the more enjoyable. With only four episodes into a brand new, alleged, 22 episode season (opposed to the 12 episodes in Season 4) there is major room to discover new secrets and be amazingly shocked. It is no wonder why Teen Wolf gets even darker and more abstract in Season 5.

Although fans of the show are quite die-hard, there are a few minute observations that show watchers have been buzzing about on online discussion boards since the beginning of the season. First and foremost being Kira’s inability to stay on her feet in a fight. Many are so intrigued with Kira’s kitsune nature, but unimpressed with her swordplay that never lands an effective hit. It was because of this reason that viewers were pleasantly surprised and amazed at her win against the kanima in episode three; saving Lydia’s life by giving the creature a tail cutting blow with her sword. The other annoying observation is the constant undermining of Stiles. Since day one, Stiles has been, admittedly, a bit high-strung, however, almost all of the instincts that the Teen Wolf co-star has had, have been right on the money. Fans are getting more upset and uneasy at the idea that after four seasons, Stiles’ friends can not value his opinion or hesitation; high-strung and over-dramatic as they may appear.

With a new mysterious and mechanical set of villains that viewers know nothing about (yet are eager to learn more of), a random set of people in Beacon Hills turning into a variety of creatures, and (since last week’s episode) a parental, hand smashing teenage boy who just so happens to be a wolf trying to get into Scott’s good graces, Monday nights are sure to be more than interesting. With Teen Wolf getting a darker shade of crazy and more abstract storyline connections in Season 5, viewers and fans alike are sure to be glued to their TV sets. Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

Opinion by Danyol Jaye

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