‘The Bachelorette’ Will Continue Stealing Hearts Like It or Not

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette
Like it or not, The Bachelorette will continue stealing hearts long into the future because it has already demonstrated a proven reality TV model. Although the beginning of Season 11 was a bit different since it featured two and not just one bachelorette, this shows ratings continue to make money for ABC.

Season 10 had a six point seventy-six million viewer audience. Season 11 is already above that number and is nearing seven million viewers. Ironically, the star rating of the show, according to both IMDB and TV.com, is only between 2.9 and 5.4 out of ten possible stars. The object of the show is for Kaitlyn Bristowe, a lady (if she can be called that), to pick one of 25 bachelors with whom she will fall in love. The truth is, that one true lady, who is traditionally defined by her manners, personality, social status, and demeanor, would not be caught making out with or doing more with men whom she is barely acquainted with on national Television.

This show and its counterpart version, The Bachelor, are demeaning to contestants of both genders. It assumes that true love can be won in ten weeks and that it will persevere the newness of the relationship despite the fact that all the men on the show are trying to get into the girl’s heart. What would make the show better would be a finale that offers the promise of working toward a long-term relationship together instead of a lifelong marriage, which is the proposal that comes with the final rose.

The sweeping feelings of love are experiences that are intense and real and are best when kept private. On The Bachelorette, she exhibits her emotions and each of the participants exhibits their feelings in front of millions of viewers. These feelings cannot be real and are more likely a display for the audience. What is interesting about The Bachelorette and its following is that although the show began in 2005, there was a three-year hiatus until it made its way back onto ABC’s prime time. Like it or not, The Bachelorette will continue stealing hearts because this show will continue to maintain the attention of an American audience, despite its junk food-like gluttony that it is for the viewers’ souls.

American demographics are changing, women are getting married, and having children at an older age. They are doing so because in order to climb the corporate ladder or establish a career, women must spend some time in their field of choice before they can afford–literally and figuratively–to spend three months to five years away from the competition. Although this is just a fact, neither right nor wrong, this trend sets women to find a life partner at an older age. Women are tough self-critics and yet there is a void of  shows empowering women to believe they can find husbands who are ‘marriage material’ and good for them in the long run. Meanwhile, there are successful, long-running shows focusing on party girls and boys, who are into each other for ephemeral qualities and not core values and compatibility.

Despite the nature of television changing into a more social and interactive experience due to immediate reactions on Facebook and Twitter, there is little that can be done to change the nature of these shows. Like it or not, The Bachelorette will continue stealing hearts on ABC because America just cannot get enough.

Opinion By Olivia Uribe-Mutal
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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