‘Tonight Show’: Jimmy Fallon Gives Amy Schumer an ‘Emotional Interview’

Tonight Show

On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon’s guests this Wednesday were actor Sir Ian McKellen, from the movie Mr. Holmes, and comedienne and actress, Amy Schumer, who stars in the upcoming flick, Trainwreck. Later, Fallon did an Emotional Interview, with Schumer. The musical guest of the Tonight Show was the country musician, Alan Jackson.

The host of the Tonight Show, Fallon, began by walking out onto the stage to a standing ovation. He welcomed everybody, then did his monologue, joking about topics like Donald Trump. His controversial comments have, Fallon said, “cost his brand as much as $80 million.”

He said Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, announced that he was entering the Presidential race. Fallon showed a clip of Walker talking about going to a Kohl’s and buying a shirt. Walker made the same speech more than once — Fallon had two clips of him saying the exact same thing on a split-screen.

He then showed a clip of President Obama giving a speech, with Biden standing behind him. Though Biden did not mess up (atypical of him) until the very end, when he kind of smiled oddly, voices were added for both him and Obama as they walked away that added a bit of humor to the clip.

Fallon, announcer Steve Higgins, and The Roots joked around about “being really high.” Fallon also showed a supposed “podcast” hosted by Shaquille O’Neal, interviewing Kim Kardashian, as to why she stated she would not name any other children that she might have after directions, having said that “North is the best.”

Fallon mentioned some of his upcoming guests, then said that tonight’s guests would be Amy Schumer from Trainwreck. They would be doing an “Emotional Interview.” Sir Ian McKellen would also be on, from Mr. Holmes, and the musical guest would be Alan Jackson.

After that, Fallon did his comedy bit about actual songs, called his “Do Not Play List.” Veronica Unlimited, a disco group from the 1980s, did a song called What a Lousy Party. The second one was from a singer called Bangs. the song was Take You to Da Movies. It was as bad as the terrible title of it suggests.

The third singer Fallon mentioned was Jazzy Red. The song was called I Am a Dope Fiend. It was not bad, until the singer sang about his best friend, “He was into crack.” The last one was by Dominick. He sang Favorite Boy George, a kind of ska-influenced tune. The beat of it was not too bad; it was very oddly-titled, though.

Back from a break on the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced Amy Schumer, after showing her on the covers of Glamour and GQ magazines. Schumer told Fallon about his injured hand that was in a cast “Your hand looks so gross. Don’t cover it; it’s fine. It’s just….so gross!” she said. Fallon covered it, temporarily, as she continued talking.

“How are you handling the success?” Fallon asked her.

“I think I’m handling it like a complete champion,” she joked with him. She said that she felt she could now go up to famous people and talk to them, like Bradley Cooper.

Fallon showed his hand in a cast to her again, and she yelled out, “No! If you had lost your finger, that would have been such a cool story.”

Schumer talked about Cooper some more, imagining what it would be like to be married to him. She said she later met him at a dinner with Ariana Shake, who “looked like a panther and a leopard mated and created the most fabulous human.”

She mentioned also having met Katie Couric. Couric told her “I just love you! I like good humor!” Schumer said that Mindy Kahling was also there, and they had a contest about who could eat the most bread. Schumer said “I won.”

They both talked about Schumer’s upcoming movie, Trainwreck. Fallon said “It’s absolutely fantastic!” He then introduced a clip from the flick. It has gotten a lot of buzz, and it looks like it will be a very funny, though twisted, movie.

When the Tonight Show returned from another commercial break, Fallon and Schumer did an Emotional Interview. The first emotion Schumer and Fallon conveyed was “Condescending.” Next, they both had to talk as if they were “A Little Too Tipsy.” That was followed by their being “Fake Nice.” Then, they both acted “Horny and Scared.” That was followed by “Amy Confuses ‘Pilots’ and ‘Pirates.'” Then, Fallon did “Jimmy Confuses ‘Ghosts’ and Goats.'” After that, they were both supposed to act “Shocked By Everything.”

It was a fairly humorous segment. Then, the Tonight Show headed to yet another break.

Tonight Show

Following the break, Fallon introduced Sir Ian McKellen, from Mr. Holmes. It will open this Friday. Fallon thanked him for being on the show. “Its always been my favorite thing,” McKellen told Fallon, meaning being on the Tonight Show.

He was going to be on when Johnny Carson was the host of it, but he was bumped by a man with a trained dog which climbed up a pole. Carson apologized at the end of that show and tried to reschedule McKellen to come back later.

Then, McKellen talked with Fallon about the movie, Mr. Holmes. In it, McKellen, as an older Sherlock Holmes, comes out of retirement raising bees in the countryside and he tries to solve a case from years ago.

He also told Fallon that in Beauty and the Beast, he will be playing “the clock.” He said that Mr. Holmes was filmed in the Penn House, where ancestors of William Penn had lived. Fallon set up a clip from Mr. Holmes, and it looked as if it will be a Must See for fans of Sherlock Holmes and of Ian McKellen.

Tonight Show

Back from another break, Fallon introduced Alan Jackson. He said that Jackson has sold over 60 million records. The country singer performed the title track from his new album, available on July 17, Angels and Alcohol. It can be pre-ordered through his website, now. Jackson sounded as great as he ever has, and his fans will be sure to want to get his latest album when it hits the stores.

Ian McKellen and the always funny Amy Schumer were Fallon’s two main guests on the Tonight Show this Wednesday. Schumer talked about, among other things, Bradley Cooper, and her upcoming comedy movie, Trainwreck. She also did an Emotional Interview with Fallon. Sir Ian McKellen and Fallon chatted about McKellen’s having (almost) been on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and also about the actor’s upcoming movie, Mr. Holmes, Then, musical guest, Alan Jackson, sang the title song off of his new album due out on Friday, Angels and Alcohol.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Gives Amy Schumer an Emotional Interview

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