Upcoming Film ‘Creed’ Causes Miscommunication


On November 25 the upcoming film Creed releases, which has been causing miscommunication between fans of the rock band and fans of the boxer Rocky. Since the name of the boxing film and rock band are the same it began to force people to ask, which one are they talking about, prior to having a discussion. A petition was created on change.org by Nick Robinson to get MGM to change the name of the film to avoid confusion in the future.

The film is about Adonis Creed, son of Rocky’s former rival and late friend Apollo Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan. In the trailer, it is revealed that the young Creed was not aware that his father had died in the boxing ring, and he unknowingly follows in his father’s footsteps. Sylvester Stallone revives his role as former heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa, who mentors and trains the son of the man who died in his arms.

In an interview, Jordan was asked if he took Rocky’s route when preparing for the boxer role, and he responded laughingly, “Nah, we did things new school, and that was old school.” Instead of drinking raw eggs and sparring with slabs of frozen meat, the 28-year-old actor prepared for the role by running, swimming, and lifting weights to get his body in the best shape.Creed

Although many people are excited for the upcoming film Creed, it caused a lot of miscommunication amongst boxer fans and band fans on the web. To cease further confusion, the fans of the rock band group stated in their petition, “The movie is making it difficult, if not impossible, for the still-vital online Creed fan base to exchange thoughts and discussion regarding band developments, song interpretation, rumors, non-erotic fan fiction, and deeper insights into the expanded universe of the band. MGM has completely disrespected the group by using the name of the still-popular band for their non-band related movie and have been stifling conversation by flooding social media hashtags and searches with non-music discussions. MGM should have consulted the bands experts and online leaders before titling this movie. The Creedmunity will not be silenced.”

Along with the petition, Robinson suggested some titles the producers could play with that will fit the film, such as Apollo Creed’s Son, Creed (not the band), and Boxer Creed with many other possibilities. He also told MGM he gives them permission to use any of his suggested titles. At the end of the petition Robinson stated, “true members of the band will not see the film because it would be disrespectful unless MGM changed the title.” The petition is slowly nearing its goal of 200 signatures.

Robinson is a content creator and film-maker for Pluto TV, and he hosts two Twitter accounts, where he has retweeted and posted replies of his fans thoughts about the petition he made for his favorite band. The producers and director of the film have not responded to the petition, and some sources say it is because the petition seems like a joke.

Although the upcoming film Creed has caused miscommunication, the actors and producers have shared lots of insight on how they enjoyed making the film and were able to share old and new school techniques learned from pro boxers. Director, Ryan Coogler told sources, “he was devastated when he heard about the death of the heavy-weight boxer, and was thrilled to create a film on his son’s life especially since his son was not able to know much about his father.”

By Krystle Mitchell


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