4 Essential Reasons to Cleanse Naturally With Garden of Flavor Juice

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Garden of FlavorThe human body is constantly being abused simply through the normal course of life. It is subjected to unhealthy food and drinks on a daily basis in many instances. This abuse puts a lot of stress on internal organs which coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and hectic daily life can lead to a host of physical and mental problems. Garden of Flavor offers four essential reasons to cleanse naturally by juicing your way to a healthy body and mind the natural way.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio and founded by Lisa Marie, Garden of Flavor began as a cold-pressed, organic juice bar. Driven by a passion for a healthier society, Lisa Marie prepares Garden of Flavor’s all natural juices by using a cold-pressed process in order to retain the highest potency of minerals, vitamins and living enzymes. Garden of Flavor juices are made from fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries which are never heated or flash pasteurized.

Many people opt for a juice cleanse to assist with weight loss, but there are several additional benefits offered by Garden of Flavor’s one day juice cleanse. According to Lisa Marie:

Many foods, even some which are marketed as healthy and natural, promote acidity, are overly processed and contain artificial sweeteners, unhealthy fats and other ingredients that not only lack nutritional benefits but can be detrimental to health over the long-term.

There are greater health benefits afforded to the human body when offered cold-pressed juice which only contains organic produce to clean and reset the body while flooding it with living enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, chlorophyll, and minerals. The profit is far greater than one could possibly gain simply by eating fruits and vegetables. Lisa Marie added:

I also enjoy providing a rest for the digestive system while doing a juice cleanse. Approximately 70 percent of the energy the body produces each day is used in the digestive process. Because the body absorbs, rather than digests, cold-pressed juice, my juice customers find that during a juice cleanse that they have increased energy and a clear, refreshed mind with balance and clarity.

Health professionals agree on the importance of taking the time to detox, or cleanse the blood. Toxic buildup often leads to headaches, infections, allergies, muscle and joint pain, body odor, flu-like and digestive symptoms such as constipation, gas and bloating. Sufferers would find that many of these problems would disappear after taking the opportunity to juice their way to an energized, more positive state of health and overall well-being.

Garden of Flavor

There are several ways to detox. Some individuals choose to fast for a few days, allowing the organs to rest, while others prefer the Garden of Flavor one-day juice cleanse. It is the only juice cleanse on the market which provides the benefits of over one billion living probiotic cultures to support immune and digestive health as well as protein utilization. Each of the all-natural, raw, organic juices that make up the cleanse serves a specific cleansing function and is designed to keep the body balanced by using fresh lemon and green vegetables such as cucumber, kale, parsley and celery.

Each of the six juice variations is numbered in order to simply the cleansing process. These nourishing and revitalizing juices are made from fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and berries. Here are the four essential reasons to cleanse naturally with Garden of Flavor’s cold-pressed juice:

  1. Garden of Flavor is the first to offer organic, cold-pressed juices with living probiotic cultures, which protect the body against harmful bacteria and are demonstrated digestive and immune-boosting aids.
  2. The juices are never heated or flash pasteurized.
  3. All produce is certified organic and includes Hawaiian turmeric root, leafy and cruciferous greens, and antioxidant-rich Goji berries.
  4. The White Knight cashew nut milk provides 14 grams of plant protein and is a great source of magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

It is essential to grasp the importance of detoxing in order to rid the tissues of the pollutants that tend to accumulate in the body over time. This allows the body an opportunity to be reinvigorated and rejuvenated so that it is ready to face fresh challenges. The thought of detoxing or embarking upon a juice cleanse may invoke images of bland and tasteless diets or extreme starvation, however, there is no need to resort to any of these. Instead, try Garden of Flavor’s delicious raw and organic juices. Lisa Marie’s juicing process not only offers unbeatable taste and nutrient-rich ingredients but four essential reasons to enjoy it.

Garden of Flavor’s main facility is located at 7501 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103, but one does not need to live in the Ohio area to reap the benefits of the one-day cleanse or enjoy the variety of cold-pressed juices.  The all natural juices can be purchased in stores throughout the U.S. or by visiting Garden of Flavor’s website at www.gardenofflavor.com.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Lisa Marie: Garden of Flavor

All Images Courtesy of Garden of Flavor