Anchorman Has On-Air Meltdown From an Overdose of Kardashian [Video]


KardashianAnchorman John Brown stormed off the set after hearing another “news” story based on the Kardashian-Jenner brand. Some have described his rant as a meltdown while others are deeming him a personal hero for refusing to talk about the Kardashians. Brown went on a 90-second rant stating how wonderful his Friday had been until the Kardashian name hit the prompter.

Brown could not understand why every day is centered on the Kardashian-Jenner name. The latest story had to do with Kylie Jenner having a new pet rabbit which she named Bruce. The anchorman had no idea why that would be considered news or why anyone would care. At the mention of her name, Brown stood up and exited the set, visibly and audibly upset. In what some consider a heroic act of defiance, he ranted:

I am having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today… I cannot do it. I have had enough Kardashians! I cannot TAKE any more Kardashian stories on this show. It is a non-story! We are talking about this family every freaking day on this show! Nobody cares about this family anymore!

According to many comments surrounding the on-air incident, many could identify with Brown’s actions. Society seems to get high off of the Kardashian-Jenner saga. The anchorman sounded off from a Kardashian overdose. In today’s society, people are consumed with celebrity personalities. The obsession of not just the Kardashian-Jenner brand, but the celebrity concept is not healthy and if people were to take a poll, results would reveal that Brown is not the only person who is literally “sick” from the overdose.

Back in the day there were only two major outlets for celebrity news, People magazine and Entertainment Tonight. Soon after the millennium, society was hit with an influx of celebrity mediums such as additional magazines, televised programs and a rise in the Internet. As it stands, Americans are inundated with news, mostly gossip, involving famous names.

KardashianCelebrity obsession took another turn for the worst with the onslaught of reality television shows which cause fans to believe they really know their luminary idols. Fans feed their addictions with fake conversations on Twitter and Instagram, all while living out an entirely false sense of intimacy with people they do not know. This delusion has some more connected to their celebrity crush than their own family and friends.

There is a whole generation who would rather be on reality TV than become the president of the United States. They shop, dress and even eat based on their celebrity favorite. The noise in the brains of fans created by celebrity chatter is turning this generation into zombies who cannot think for themselves and instead look to celebrity personalities as role models by choosing, far too often, to follow their advice blindly.

It is not solely the youth of today, many adults spend hard-earned money and even government handouts on fragrances, weight loss programs, and shoes all based on their favorite celebrity personality. They are consumed with finding ways to obtain their idol’s favorite brand of alcohol and the cars they drive – many of which they are being paid to promote or are enjoying as a leased vehicle through the network.

The many victims who are not interested in all the hype following celebrities, namely the Kardashian-Jenner clan, have hailed Brown a hero. The anchorman could not understand why anyone would care that Kylie obtained a new pet or why she chose to call him Bruce. The 17-year-old posted a series of videos on the popular Snapchat social network of her and the new bunny. According to Brown:

Who cares anymore what this family does?

Anchorman John Brown stormed off the set after having an on-air meltdown which included a nearly 90-second rant. He refused to ruin his day by discussing anything Kardashian related. Some have called the anchorman ridiculously defiant while others have hailed the man a personal hero.

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