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More than 150,000 of Jon Stewart’s fans are ecstatic to start a new petition for the comedian to show his face as a debate moderator. Though, they are sad to know that he is fleeing The Today Show, if he chooses the position, the new grounds at the Commission for Presidential Debates would find a unique host who typically uses vulgarity and satire to get his news and ideas across. He has already interviewed several members and heads of the Senate, House of Representatives, and Congress. He holds strong beliefs about how the American President should address problems and dish out solutions and has a lot to say about current political representatives and their strategies of gathering supportive crowds.

If Stewart takes on debates, he would probably first attack the candidates who claim to be completely liberal or conservative. He sees Democrats as people who need to prove to others they genuinely want to improve the country, and he sees Republicans as people who love the state that America is in, while they hate the citizens who want to make it progressive. Stewart claims to have common beliefs of both parties and does not believe that anyone really has ideas strictly favoring one party, even though some like to say otherwise.

In his recently passed down show, Stewart says that he has covered presidential elections four times and is starting to see them all as the same. On the other hand, he wants to spread his ideas of what living under the United States government is like. This new opportunity that others want him to utilize would allow him to convey what he wants to the public and remain a television show host. It also would give him a chance to butt heads with different presidential candidates that give muddled or illogical responses.

One of the biggest reasons that petitioners want Stewart to take on debates is “a Reuters poll showed the comedian ‘generally’ shared opinions on issues with 52 percent of respondents.” The poll further noted that the approval statistic is “higher than most candidates,” which indicates that in having him on the show, there would be a greater chance of this television comic talking with possible Presidents about the different dilemmas that matter most to the public. Furthermore, the petitioners believe that he is an honest, unbiased person who actually knows what he is talking about, which is a lot more than most political figures have going for them, by popular belief.

If Stewart takes on debates there would be a higher chance for them to get views because of his experience as a comedic reporter versus someone who delivers their ideas and responses in a manner that exaggerates the seriousness and professionalism of the presidential career and its relevant topics. Additionally, some conservative candidates, like Ben Carson, are religious and wish to spread their faith with their regulation and actions. Donald Trump is religious, too, but his religion mainly expresses itself in the form of narcissism. Stewart is Jewish, but some say he knows when to tone down his beliefs to think more rationally and what situations are best to put it on hold.

He also has been told that he was not being politically correct, but overall still was responsible in his journalism satire. If his typical style was applied in a candidate debate, it could be easier for the general public to learn what the true intentions are of each person instead of the blurry responses that generally only try to provoke favoritism.

By Jarick Roaderick


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