Mariah Carey Pregnant? Singer Allegedly Expecting Baby to Billionaire Beau


Is Mariah Carey expecting her first child to billionaire boyfriend, James Packer? According to new reports, the songstress is allegedly pregnant but has no intentions on spilling the news to anybody that is not a close friend of hers, simply because her name is not Kim Kardashian.

Several news outlets are reporting that Carey is yet again pregnant with her third child this time, and fans should not be shocked by the news, especially since the Hollywood couple had been talking about marriage just weeks after they became an item. These two are not wasting any time, that is for sure.

Packer has spoiled the 45-year-old in all ways possible. The Australian billionaire, worth a reported $4.6billion, splashed thousands on a rented yacht in Brisbane, before Carey was flown via private jet to Israel, which the songstress says has become one of her favorite places to stay following a much-needed summer vacation.

The two have been inseparable ever since Carey’s good friend, Brett Ratner, first introduced Packer to the singing legend earlier this year. While nobody has really grasped the thought of MiMi marrying again so soon, the billionaire and his soon-to-be wife are running things their way without showing any signs of caring whether anybody accepts their way of doing things or not.

And while marriage has often been talked about between the duo, Carey acknowledges that before she can even go through with an engagement, she is hoping that her divorce to ex-husband, Nick Cannon, will be finalised before the end of the year. Sources have said that the One Sweet Day songstress had hoped to sign the divorce papers months ago, but Cannon is reportedly delaying the process, allegedly stating that he will not leave the marriage empty-handed.

Divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, has since stepped in to get the divorce proceedings moving forward a little quicker, assuring Carey that her money will stay firmly put in her bank account. But regardless of whether Cannon walks away with a couple of millions, the 45-year-old just wants to move on with her life and find happiness with her new lover, who is ridiculously wealthy.

While news outlets are hoping for Carey to confirm the pregnancy news, the singer has never detailed her private affairs to the public — at least not when her love life is brought up in the mix. Whatever the case may be, it should be noted that MiMi has kept a rather low-profile in recent weeks, following her Walk of Fame accolade in Hollywood earlier this month.

She will continue her Las Vegas residency until early next year when she will decide whether she wants to renew her contract or work on other projects. How will Carey handle pregnancy with the heavy schedule she will be put under for her residency shows? Not that she ever has a lot of choreography in her performances, but being pregnant (allegedly) and singing to an audience of 10,000 people must be exhausting.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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