One Direction Announce Hiatus Amid Zayn Malik Solo Album Deal

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One Direction have announced that they will be taking a break once their ongoing tour comes to an end, according to Daily Mail. The outlet claims that 1D have decided to take a one-year hiatus following endless tours, press events, movies, albums, and all that comes with being the biggest boy group in the world.

Following Zayn Malik’s decision to abruptly leave the band midway through their tour earlier this year, the whole dynamic of the group changed and everybody noticed it. Sources at the time claimed that nobody was aware of the fact that Malik had any sort of desire to suddenly jump ship and embark on his own solo career, while the four remaining boys continued touring the world sans one of their members.

Malik’s departure came as a big shock, especially when considering that One Direction were in the early stages of writing songs for their forthcoming studio album. Everything fell apart after that, but Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan had to keep going, seeing that their contractual duties had not been fulfilled at the time that Malik decided to quit without notice.

An insider claimed that, while the boys are really close with one another, all four of them realized that they needed a break from the music industry completely. Everything was weighing down on them; from Malik’s absence to the record label allegedly demanding a new album from the group by the end of the year, followed with another world tour. They are completely exhausted and are eager to go their own ways for some time, a source added.

The Sun details that the decision was made last weekend, where the boys agreed that a one-year hiatus from March 2016 is the most appropriate thing for them to do if they want to move forward with the group in the future. Tomlinson is gearing up to become a father, Horan has shown a great interest in soccer, Styles is said to be working on solo material of his own, while Payne is hoping to write music for other artists in the near future. All of them have their own ventures to drift into during their hiatus.

At the same time, the world has seen this time and time again — a group decides to take a break from the industry, only for fans to then learn that another member has quit to pursue a solo career, while the other has decided that the entertainment world is no longer what he is passionate about. So many bands have been broken all because of their decisions to go on a hiatus, which ends up turning into a permanent split.

Maybe Malik’s decision to leave One Direction was the right move after all? Sources affirm that with everything that has happened in the last six months, the One Direction fellas have decided that a break is vitally needed. They have earned millions over the years, toured the world many times, and are proud to hold the title for most consecutive albums to go platinum in the United States. They hold several VMA trophies to their name, along with other accolades, such as the best-selling song of the summer with, What Makes You Beautiful.

One Direction’s last show will be at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield on October 31, followed with a scheduled appearance on X Factor UK. Their work commitments in February will be the last thing that the foursome will take on before they go on their much-needed break. Whether it will be indefinite, nobody knows.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


Daily Mail: One Direction to SPLIT: Boyband decide ‘to take extended hiatus of at least a year to focus on solo projects’ after crunch talks

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