South Africa a New Evil Lurks in the Form of Nyaope, Snakes and Rats

South Africa

A new evil is flowing through South Africa, which has young people hooked on a drug named Nyaope, and false prophets instructing people to eat snakes, rats, and grass. Controversial churches are springing up around the country, and pastors are instigating weird and demonic practices. Naive people are conned into believing the charismatic prophets who tell congregants to eat snakes and commit other detestable, unnatural acts in an attempt to glorify the Lord. Blasphemy and devil worship is the new order of the day. Gullible people are hoodwinked into the silliness of false prophets who claim that new worshiping techniques will deliver lost souls, bring prosperity and healing.

The majority of the congregation is sane people and willing participants to the foolish, dangerous stunts. The pastor would never be blamed if a member died from eating a poisonous snake. It is all done in the name of faith and conning the people for the sake of self-enrichment. In South Africa people travel for miles to visit these new churches and pay enormous sums of money to participate in the pathetic satanic rituals. It is gullible and uneducated people led astray by con artists. Nobody benefits from the criminal activities instigated by false prophets, yet the people are desperate and needy, thereby falling for the lies of con artists.

Pastors are seen as the permanent voice of reason and sanity, and the congregates do not associate evil with the purity of a church. Pastors have knowledge of this trust and abuse the situation. While most people understand the difference between right and wrong, dangerous and acceptable, there is the forgetfulness of sound reasoning when under the spell of a satanic prophet.

Bluffing people into believing that snakes taste like chocolate and allowing pastors to jump on women is nothing more than witchcraft and demonic spells, practiced by false prophets conning the trusting people. There is the rumor that drugs are a cause of the lunatic actions and by getting people hooked onto addictive substances, this will enrich the drug lords. As drugs are a problem in South Africa and an increasing nightmare for parents trying to prevent, children being swirled into the evil world of narcotics. Drugs are readily available in South Africa, and children are influenced from an early age to take illegal substances. Peer pressure, social inabilities and poor living conditions contribute to the children becoming involved in the dark world of drugs.

The biggest problem in townships throughout South Africa is not the bogus pastors but Nyaope, and it is traders. At every stop street and traffic light, there is a stinky, sleeping boy selling what looks like cigarettes, yet it is the evil Nyaope drug. Homes are shut and parents live in fear of becoming a victim of crime from children who steal to support the addictive habit. The highly addictive drug is devastating communities all over South Africa.

Nyaope drug that is destroying the youth of South Africa is forcefully given to children of all ages. The drug consists of rat poison mixed with heroin – dagga and antiretroviral drugs. The Nyaope drug can include detergent powder, milk powder, and pool cleaner leading to many social ills. HIV-positive people who use the drug are at risk because treatment is stopped, and Nyaope contributes to the spread of TB and HIV.

Most victims are too poor to afford the drug causing addicts turn to crime to support the habit. Children as young as 14-years-old become school dropouts and work for drug lords just to get a free hit. Young girls work as prostitutes to pay for drugs. The addiction is highly risky and withdrawal symptoms are painful. Thus, the addict remains hooked in an attempt to avoid the excruciating withdrawal symptoms. There are reports of an increase of thieving gangs robbing HIV-AIDS clinics to obtain ARVs, an essential substance for making Nyaope. Nigerians dominate the drug trade and distribute toxic concoctions to children all for monetary gain. It is a terrible situation, and the government has ignored the plight of the spiraling drug problem that is ravaging the youth of today.

No human being with a sound mind would eat snakes, rats or grass; the satanic acts are not miracles and are bordering satanic worship. The actions performed by prophets are publicly making a mockery of the Christian faith. These prophets are not helping the lost souls of South Africa. The biggest difference the prophets could make is by helping communities and children whose lives are being destroyed by the Nyaope drug.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


Christian Post: Church Where Pastor Commanded Members to Eat Live Snake Burned to the Ground by Militants

Photo Courtesy of Shubert Ciencia Flickr Page – Public Domain License

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