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FacebookAfter years of debate, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed a dislike button is in the works and will be live very soon. The new button has been a topic of discussion for a long time because Zuckerberg feared it would reflect the “downvote” feature that is used on social media forums such a Reddit. The dislike option will be used to show empathy when desiring to acknowledge a post that it not a happy occasion.

The announcement tweeted by the CEO of the company came nearly a year after he shrugged off the question during a public Q and A session in December 2014. In short, the young billionaire said the company was thinking about it but he did not believe allowing others to say, “That thing is not good” would be a wise decision; so they would not be building it. One person who heard that Facebook is now working on the dislike button said:

“It will never happen. In today’s overly sensitive Facebook-bound society it would be a suicide for the company. A lot of people cannot cope with just a simple negative critique comment under their posts, how would they cope with a counted number of dislikes? I am 100 percent sure this will not happen – At least not in the way we think it.”

FacebookMany Facebook fans disagreed with Zuckerberg’s stance and explained when their connections shared sad moments or difficult things that are going on in the world they were uncomfortable pressing the “like” button. Since that time several updates to the platform have rolled out such as emoticons for empathy, laughter, surprise, anger, joy and celebration. At one time, the company discussed experimenting with options to express sympathy in place of a like button, but no clear direction was given. Instead of a definitive yes or no, Zuckerberg stated:

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Facebook is one of the premiere social networking services aimed at keeping people connected. The platform has worked wonders in reconnecting people who were misplaced or had no other way to communicate with old schoolmates, or friends and family who had relocated or they had not heard from in years. The company offers a news feed, timeline, chat options and messages for a variety of opportunities to engage and for advertisers to enhance the value of their ads.

Now Facebook is working on a dislike button to boost their communication options. One Facebook fan explained how the new button could be used in an opposing way as follows:

Here is how the #Facebook #dislike button will work: Users will have the option to enable the #dislike button in their posts in which they think a ‘like’ button will be awkward … the problem is many users might use this option to post hate messages against someone or the establishment … but Mark must have found a solution.

According to Zuckerberg, the addition of the dislike button is “surprisingly complicated” but the company expects testing to roll out soon. Initially, he feared the option to dislike would be mistaken for the likes of the downvote button of Reddit, but fans have long-awaited the opportunity to express dislike when their connection posts something they are not happy about.  Many have moved on to other platforms, could the option be a little too late?

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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