Hulk Hogan and His Mistakes Set Him Free

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan is a very famous ring name in the professional American wrestling world. What should be known about him is he was actually born as Terry Gene Bollea in Augusta, Georgia on Aug. 11, 1953. He is now 62 years old and he was known as a professional wrestler along with being an actor, musician, and famous television personality. Hogan has the third longest wrestling reign in the WWF/E after Bruno Sanmartino and Bob Backlund. He started his wrestling career in 1977 with many events including becoming a famous tag team wrestler. He wrestled small until he joined the famous World Wrestling Federation in 1979. He has recently been criticized in the press against using certain words against his situation with his daughter Brooke and her boyfriend. His mistakes about using certain phrases in situations that are controversial have, according to him, set him free.

Hogan’s daughter, Brooke, was dating a black man and in an interview, he used the n-word. It spread all over the news across the globe and now he is thought of as racist. Brooke has always been a daddy’s girl and she knew that he was brought up in an environment where those words were considered normal.

He added that the N-word was “just thrown around like it was nothing.”

Since the interview, Hogan has apologized to his daughter and the public for using any words or phrases that might have been known to be tagged as racist. He loves his daughter and wants the best for her and whoever she has in her future. He was dismissed from the World Wrestling Federation last month and he said that it was like no one would remember his legacy. He has begged the public for forgiveness and especially his daughter Brooke who said that she never was mad at her father. He has been all over the world and wrestled he wants his mistakes to set him free.

Hogan claims he was born as Terry Bollea and is a normal person. He wants people to remember him as being a great wrestler, public figure, and that his fans will forgive him for what he did wrong. A fact people don’t know is in 1998, he rejoined the World Championship Wrestling organization and what we should know about him is that he even announced he was going to run for President of the United States. Hogan has said that he is a dedicated father and since this ordeal he is closer to his daughter.

Brooke told the mag that her father is many things, but racist isn’t one of them.

Through the years, Hulk Hogan maintained being a champion wrestler, actor, musician and worked with many charities and help others and his mistakes he hopes has set him free. He made wrestling a very intense sport for young people looking at him with admiration and courage in and out of the wrestling ring.

By Gwendolyn Casella-Speekhout
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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Photo Courtesy of Simon Q’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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