Kourtney Kardashian Weight Loss Post-Disick Split, Battling Anorexia?


Kourtney Kardashian has lost a shocking amount of weight since her split from Scott Disick earlier this year, leading family and friends to believe that she may be suffering from an eating disorder. Several reports claim that the 36-year-old was deeply affected by the allegations that were held against her ex-boyfriend, stating that he had allegedly cheated on the mother of his children with multiple women including model, Kimberly Stewart.

The TV personality is said to have forgiven Disick for many of the mistakes he has made over the years, but raising three children has made Kardashian realize that the addition of her boyfriend acting like a toddler himself is the last thing she needs. She was not going to put up with any more scandals or supposed cheating affairs, having told Disick to leave their home for good.

While the 32-year-old seems to have moved on quite peacefully without having shown any sort of remorse for his inexcusable actions, his ex is suffering mentally and physically as she juggles the single mother-of-three role with her hectic career. Kardashian has a relatively large family. She can often call one of her sisters over and ask for help, but having seen her behaviour on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kardashian is a hands-on mom who prides herself in being able to do it all. But when reality kicked in, the Kardashian Kollection clothing designer was overwhelmed with the thought of moving forward without Disick.

Still, that does not mean that she could not use the support from a man from time to time. Raising multiple children on her own has proven to be a challenge for the only Kardashian sister who has abstained from lip fillers and Brazilian butt lifts — a trend most of her siblings have all underwent. RadarOnline alleges that the business mogul is no longer eating as much as she used to; she cannot even eat three meals a day because she is so devastated by the collapse of her decade-long relationship with Disick.

“She’s stopped eating balanced meals and is driving herself into the ground with all her parenting and work responsibilities,” a source tells the webloid. “The pounds are falling off and she looks gaunt and stressed, with huge circles under her eyes because she isn’t sleeping either.” Family and friends are worried for the TV star’s health. If she cannot look after herself, she will no longer be in the right frame of mind to care for all of her children.

Certain members of her family have also stressed that Kardashian living in her Calabasas mansion all by herself is the last place where she should be right now. Kris Jenner is alleged to have suggested to her daughter that she should move back into the family home until she is able to get back on her feet, convinced that Kardashian needs a loving and supportive system around her — especially now.

All of her sisters have been worried about her health in recent weeks, supposedly having all been initially blindsided by their sibling’s move to ditch Disick for good. Seeing how poorly Kardashian is doing, it has become apparent on how much the reality star loved and depended on her ex; the same man who could no longer hide his true colors. His actions ended up proving that he was no family man at heart.

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