Liberty Voice Institute Bridges Wide Gap for Aspiring Writers

Don't like to read?

Liberty VoiceIn a world of digital content and limited attention spans, the ability to write effectively and within a small amount of time, is highly valued. Information must be conveyed succinctly and with clarity; not only in order for it to be worth the limited time available to, but also to create a lasting impact on the reader. As emojis, texting, and the lack of cursive instruction pervade the culture, writing has become a lost art. At the same time, the Internet, with its basis on the printed word and readily available images, has become the go-to source for news and information. However, as the skill level declines, the demand for the skill increases. Liberty Voice Institute (LVI) fills the gap by offering an intense course not only on the basics of writing for a digital audience and attracting readers, but also on the fundamental grammar, punctuation, diction, and clarity required to be an effective online communicator.

LVI grew out of years of research and study by Dr. DiMarkco Chandler, who is the principle instructor of the course. His proprietary process, which combines knowledge of WordPress with SEO optimization, will educate students on how to use the program to create written pieces which have been fine-tuned for the greatest viewership possible. Online digital marketing, including the use of social media, has replaced the magazine ads, billboards, and even television commercials which were once the main avenues available to generate income through marketing.

Aspiring online writers will also be instructed on the proper way to insert videos and images within their articles in order to attract a greater number of readers. Copyright laws and other image guidelines are strictly enforced and taught so that graduates of the course will learn to avoid any legal issues which could arise from the use of others’ works without gaining proper permissions.

In addition to SEO optimization, LVI students are instructed on AP style and how to write within its guidelines. Although graduation candidates are encouraged to obtain a copy of The Associated Press Style Guide, knowledgeable editors will review each piece written to ensure that the appropriate style has been used and, if not, will educate and correct authors on its usage. No student of LVI will ever be asked for payment for any part of the course.

Great attention is also paid to punctuation and grammar in articles submitted by students. Candidates will not graduate the course without having demonstrated or having learned a high knowledge of each of these basic fundamentals of writing. Students will learn the rules of punctuation and proper grammar and will not be allowed to publish work without demonstrating a certain level of proficiency in these skills.

Proper diction and clarity are just as important as grammar and punctuation when crafting thoughtful articles based on a central theme. A high degree of attention is placed on the clarity of the articles put forth by students of LVI. As such, each person who successfully completes the LVI coursework will learn the value and unique perspective gained by a writer when reading their pieces out loud. All articles must be read aloud and recorded so that the flow and the meaning of the words match up to the author’s intended message. The exercise allows the writer to really “hear” the piece; to feel how the words come together and to judge whether their effort to communicate has been a success.

Successful graduates of LVI will be capable writers who grasp the importance of grammar, diction, punctuation, and clarity. They will have the ability to uncover fresh, new angles on which to write about trending topics and will be efficient at optimizing their work for maximum viewership. In addition, those who graduate the course will have received instruction on how to market their own articles using social media and links to previous works. An LVI graduate will, in short, be an effective communicator with the ability to reach a wide audience within a very short time; the very traits which have become necessary and desirable in the age of online digital content.

By Jennifer Pfalz