The Academy Awards Require Best of Two Worlds

The Academy Awards

The Academy Awards
What is the twist for the Oscar’s airing in February 2016? Having the best of two worlds–David Hill and Reginald Hudlin are coming together to produce the 88th Academy Awards. The constant need to catch and captivate audiences around the world has become challenging after the continuous drop in viewers of the Academy Awards show for the past six years. By dropping from 40 million to 36.6 million viewers, the need for new creative minds is crucial. Hill and Hudlin have been chosen to combine their individual creative ideas for next year’s celebration for the achievements in film.

David Hill is a well-seasoned innovator that has recently stepped down from two chairman positions at the National Geographic Channels and FOX Sports. As a true businessman, this legend is currently working on his next project; the Hilly production company. With the support of the entertainment company, he will be able to focus on digital investments, live production, and concentrate on reality television. With both feet through the door, the Hill legacy goes on. The Academy AwardsTo his surprise, being chosen by the Academy Awards executive board after six Super Bowl productions, he has a strong, established following of support. With his deep bravado, commentator experience, and having the ability to hold an audience’s attention, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences believe there is no doubt that Hill will be an asset to the Academy Awards.

Reginald Hudlin, a producer and visionary, on the other hand, has an ongoing movie reel of credits, which include House Party, Boomerang, and the recently released Django: Unchained, as well as various television shows such as The Boondocks (animated) and The Black Panther. The Academy Awards can be seen as using this visionary as their secret weapon to draw in and bring awareness to the urban community, as well as show that the awards show can be for everyone. After producing the off-air Governors Awards this past November, and the 2012 Oscar nomination of Django: Unchained, Hudlin clearly shows off his creative versatility.

The Academy Awards require best of two worlds to be fair across the board and appeal to a broader audience. These remarkable men both have strong, respectable, and established reputations. In a recent statement by the Academy Awards President Cheryl Boone Issacs, she stated that, “David is a true innovator with a dynamic personality. His vast experience as a live events producer, coupled with Reggie’s energy, creativity, and talent as a filmmaker, is sure to make this year’s Oscar telecast a memorable one.”

In past Academy Awards shows, there has been controversy over the lack of recognition of African-Americans in the categories of the awards and an African-American actually bringing home an Oscar. In last year’s show, the 87th Academy Awards, which was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, he used his comedic talent to address the cultural discrepancies and lack of support for minorities at the showcase. Needless to say, the Academy Awards require the best of two worlds next year for the upcoming awards show.

The need for new creative minds to help produce and bring ideas for the Academy Awards is essential so that ratings will pick up past last year’s 36.6 million viewers. This is crucial for the Academy Awards show to continue.

By Jhayla D. Tyson
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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