Apple Presence at Target to Include Apple Watch

Apple WatchSix months have passed since the Apple Watch went on sale. While the company has been reluctant to relay information on sales, which were hampered initially by material shortages, they are clearly gearing up for a big push this holiday season with an expansion of sales to big box stores and smartphone stores. The latest evidence that Apple is gearing up for a big sales push are the plans to boost the company’s presence in Target stores, which will soon include sales of the Apple Watch.

“We’re convinced that the Watch is going to be one of the top gifts of the holiday season,” Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly explained during the firm’s third quarter earnings call. Cook noted that the company’s watches were selling more in the last quarter than the company experienced in comparable launch periods of the original iPhone or iPad, according to Cook. “And we were able to do that with having only 680 points of sale. And as you probably know, as I had reviewed earlier, the online sales were so great at the beginning, we were not able to feed inventory to our stores until mid-June.” He noted that this impacted results, but “we feel really great about how we did.”

Apple has also reported higher customer satisfaction levels in the first year for Apple Watch buyers than other products. The Apple Watch satisfaction rate has is 97 percent, which is higher than satisfaction with the original iPhone, which was 92 percent. (Original iPad satisfaction was 91 percent.)

Some Target stores will begin selling the timepiece/computer watch shortly, and the corporation announced that all stores will have Apple Watches for sale by Oct. 25. Not all models and bands will be available at each store, but approximately 20 models are expected to be available in various Target outlets.

This announcement follows the fact that Best Buy began to sell the device in some stores earlier this year. They planned to expand that sales presence to 300 stores this fall. However, sales reportedly exceeded Best Buy expectations and the company has since amended its plans to include Apple Watches for sales at all its locations for the holiday season.

Some mobile carriers’ are also featuring the smartwatch in their stores or plan to soon. These include T-Mobile and Sprint stores.

Apple’s watch sales have reportedly slowed since the initial big hoopla and lines outside of stores. At that point they sold about 200,000 watches in one day and around 1.5 million in the initial marketing mania. This is a small amount compared to the 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models they sold when they were introduced. However, the iPhone is a known entity and many buyers are upgrading from previous models. The smartwatch is trying to carve a new niche in the market.

Apple has high hopes that the Apple Watch will be a hot item for Christmas, Hanukah, Diwali and other gift-giving events in the next few months. To help ensure the Apple Watch has a huge presence, they are expanding their marketing efforts to include all Target and Best Buy stores.

Written and edited by Dyanne Weiss

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Photo courtesy Rückseite Apple watch — Creative Commons license

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