Carrey’s Tragic Ex Kept to Herself and Was Perhaps a Victim of Depression

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Jim Carrey’s former partner, Cathriona White, who is believed to have committed suicide on Sept. 28, 2015, was someone who kept to herself and arguably a victim of depression. Reports surfacing after Miss White’s death suggest that her second break up with the Hollywood actor, on Sept. 24, might have been the catalyst to her tragic demise. It is fair to assume that the distraught ex-lover, a member of the controversial Scientology Church, could not live with the blunt reality that the 53-year-old actor had decided to move on to enjoy his success alone as a bachelor. For he once joked, “I am in love with everybody, all shapes and sizes!”

White, 30, was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment. An autopsy has yet to be conducted to determine the cause of  death.

The discovery of pills and a suspected suicide note addressed to Carrey, has led many to believe that she took her life after failing to cope with depression and the pain of a broken heart.

Judging by media reports, Miss White was a reserved and shy person. It is believed that she naturally secluded herself to the fringes of social life and perhaps never enjoyed outdoors. Her reluctance to accompany the Hollywood star to the never-ending celebrity events, is said to have strained her relationship with the comedian. Miss White is known to have said, “[she] had nothing to live for” after the separation from the man she was “madly in love with.” She wrote several disquieting and cryptic messages on social platforms after the break-up. On Instagram, she referenced the Irish poem, W. B. Yeats’ The Land of Heart’s Desire, beckoning the fairies to come and take her “out of this dull world.” This might indicate that Carrey’s tragic ex-lover kept to herself, and was nursing depression.

Tony Ortega, revered journalist and editor of TheLipTV, was referenced in the tabloids as claiming that the comedian’s ex-girlfriend could not cope with the “challenge of dating Carrey.” Those close to the make-up artist were also worried when she began dating the Ace Ventura star after their first split. Carrey is reported to have been involved in a string of messy relationships that left the women in his life reeling with a broken heart. Daily Mail suggests that Carrey’s past affairs were toxic, and a “vulnerable and gentle” young Miss White could not cope with the pressure of taming the actor, described by the tabloid as a man of “fickle affections.”  None of these women, Renee Zellweger, January Jones, Lauren Holly, Jenny McCarthy, among others, have succeeded in reigning in the “bachelor instinct” in the Canadian-born-actor.

Carrey’s former wife remarked in one interview that the Hollywood actor had long decided to enjoy his success from the “perspective of a single man.” It is assumed that the quite and gentle Miss White might not have reconciled herself to the painful reality that she was no longer wanted by the Hollywood star. This might have spurred the “delicate Irish flower” to keep to herself, and become a victim of serious depression that caused her to tragically end her young life. Although there are unconfirmed reports that Miss White’s participation in the controversial detox program at the Church of Scientology might have caused her tragic end, many media reports suggest that Carrey’s mega-bachelor’s status had everything to do with her death.

By Shepherd Mutsvara


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