10 Ways to Share Your Love of Baseball With Your Lady (and Remain Macho)

The Baseball Season is underway and that means it is time to start heading out to the ballpark. That sounds nice. What about that lady in your life, though? Is she a baseball fan? Is she willing to be a part of your summer-long obsession? Whether she is or not, you can help her learn to love the national pastime, and in the process, grow closer together. I know what you are thinking, “I want to share my favorite sport with the woman in my life, but I don’t want to go soft doing it.” There is an easy solution to this line of thought. Here are 10 easy ways for guys to keep their manhood and yet show the women in their lives that baseball can be fun.

1. Let Her Use Your Throwback Jersey as Evening Wear–Retro jerseys are the hottest things in sports today and you know women love clothes. This is the best of both worlds as she gets to wallow in the endless compliments you heap on her about how nice it fits her. “I love Hank Aaron, baby, but he never looked so good wearing Number 44.” You get to see your favorite team’s logo on your favorite girl, who just happens to be very turned on by how good you think she looks. Talk about going three for three.

2. Give Her a Cool Baseball Nickname, but Stay Away From “Pudge”–You do this one at your own peril. Pray you are wearing a batting helmet for protection if you spring it on her.

3. Let Her Pick a Team Cap Based on the Logo She Likes–Teams pick their color schemes by the way they look, right? She should have the same option. The brown and yellow San Diego Padres lid may look atrocious with her purple skirt, but if she calls the little man on the front “just too cute,” then let her have it. Do anything to keep her interested.

4. Sing a Duet of Take Me Out to the Ballgame at a Karaoke Bar–Standing with the crowd and singing this classic during the seventh inning stretch is a baseball tradition. Why enjoy the fun just at the ballpark? Take the love of your life out for an evening of singing and offer up a unique version of your favorite diamond ditty. She will think it is romantic and you are willing to embarrass yourself with her. You will think it is cool because you know the words by heart. Hey, you may not be Sonny and Cher together, but then again, Sonny is now dearly departed.

5. Overlook It When She Draws Hearts Instead of Baseball Diamonds on Your Scorecard–You have shown her how to keep score and when you check her card in the sixth inning, you see Valentines colored in. “I was just thinking of our love,” she says. As you roll your eyes and sigh, you take another glance and notice that she has got the score exactly right. You say, “Whatever works.”


6. High-Five Her and Look Away When She Roots Against Your Favorite Team–Sometimes she just does not realize whose winning or losing. That is okay. If she is up on her feet cheering and screaming, does it really matter if it is for your team or not? The game of baseball is the true winner because it has another fan. If your team just lost a playoff Game 7, you might be a bit steamed but you will survive. Bite that upper lip and give her your palm when she wants to slap hands. Just remember, you could be at the opera.

7.  Take Her to a Night Game So She Can Snuggle With You Because It Is “Sooo Cold”–She decides to wear a tank top as you go to the park on a sunny, 70-degree afternoon. The game happens to go extra-innings, it is 11 p.m. and her teeth are shaking like there is an earthquake. Time to play hero. Put that arm around her and hold her close. When she flashes that smile, you will realize that regardless of who is at the plate, you are the big hit tonight.

8. Convince Her to Go to the Game by Promising to Protect Her From Foul Balls–When you sit down along the third and first base lines at a baseball game, anything can happen. She may have an aversion to fast flying objects coming at her faster than they appear. You cannot blame her for that. Calm her fears. “I’ll stop anything headed your way with my life if I have to.” Your woman’s heart just melts. Chivalry does come in handy every once in a while.

9. Tell Her That You Would Watch More Female-Centric Channels if They Had a Baseball Highlight Show–Who would not want to hear, “Coming up, all the highlights from a full day of action, including a historic home run in Texas. All that and more next on the Lifetime Hardball Hour.” Like Al Michaels said in 1980, “Do you believe in Miracles? YES!”

10. Offer to Get Baseball Pants When She Constantly Chirps About How Hot Major Leaguers Look in Theirs–“Those pants really make Mike Trout’s butt look good,” she says. You think she would like them even better on you. There is only one way to prove it. Head to your local sporting goods store and get a pair or three. Make sure you get some in pinstripes, too. “It’s an illusion that pinstripes look better,” you say. Well, sometimes you have to be delusional about your appearance. No worries, the New York Yankees have been doing it for years.

There is one last bonus tip, in case you need it: Use Her Name in the Create-a-Player Mode of Your Favorite Baseball Video Game–If you are not married and really want to get her into the game, give the player her first name and your last name. If you are married, ask her what she would name your first child and use that one. Either way, she will watch you play a whole nine innings just to see that player succeed.

Blog and Opinion Written by Tommy Stewart
Edited by Leigh Haugh

All Article Images Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons – Creative Commons License

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