Donald Trump Says He Has the Winning Gene, Do You?

TrumpDuring a recent interview with Barbara Walters, presidential hopeful Donald Trump stated that the “winning” gene not only exists, but he is a recipient of it. Trump’s declaration came across to some as a statement of arrogance, but to others, his life seems to mirror those words. Is it genetics (nature) or one’s environment (nurture) that makes a person operate at a high level of greatness? This is a topic which has been debated for centuries without any apparent resolve.

As many witnessed in the summer of 2015, the famed businessman navigated his way to the lead position among GOP candidates seeking a seat in the Oval Office. To the surprise of critics and despite the host of controversy surrounding him, Trump managed to compel others to view him as a serious contender. As one who has rarely been ordinary in any sense of the word, he manages to find himself on top in the game of success. The former Apprentice host blames his trademarked achievements on being a superior human being who was born with the winning gene. When questioned on his reason for supporting the business mogul’s bid for office, one enthusiast said:

The appeal of Trump is not because people really trust him to make the right decisions, it is the hope that he will influence the rest of the field to make strong statements regardless of the media backlash. It’s frustrating to listen to politicians speak and make no statements. It’s even more frustrating to watch politicians fold in the presence of the slightest bit of pressure.

Trump has been credited for making uncompromising statements on issues about which many Americans are passionate. His comments on illegal immigration were brash, and according to his followers, many agreed with him but were afraid to vocalize it. While other politicians are fearful of being labeled a racist or worried about violating constantly changing societal norms, “The Donald,” as his first ex-wife calls him, is not.Trump

The presidential hopeful has survived many setbacks on his way to becoming a living symbol of achievement and extravagance. Trump pursues success with a drive that many consider insanity, but it is this ambition, coupled with a winning gene, that has given him nearly everything he has wanted in life. He has successfully expanded his real estate company into a multibillion-dollar brand. Does this confirm his belief in the winning gene or is this ability to excel attainable for everyone? According to William Shakespeare:

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

If in fact the English poet is correct, could Trump be on to something others have just failed to realize? Whether he really has a winning gene or not, there are some facts about his character that should not be overlooked. Trump believes he was born to do big things and his DNA includes greatness. As such, he refuses to accept limitations and seeks ways to be innovative and creative.

When asked by Walters to describe himself, Trump said he is a unifier who knows how to bring people together. The host also questioned the mogul on his aspect of winning and what makes that more important than other aspects of life. He replied:

A lot of people can’t win because they don’t know how to win. Winning is tough and somewhat innate where a person has the winning gene. I have seen great talent, in business and other areas, where someone should be able to win, but they cannot seem to get the ball over the line. I am a winner.

While psychologists have spent centuries debating the winning gene, Trump has decided to base his life on it. Despite the many challenges, as a mogul he has always found his way to successful waters. He has worked hard, often leaving a path of destruction, but the results seem to confirm the present of the greatness gene which continues to propel him forward. The Republican candidate told Barbara Walters that he has the winning gene, do you?

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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