Empowered Perspective by Emancipating the Thought Process

empowered perspectiveWelcome to Empowered Perspective. Many speak of empowerment without a true understanding of what it really means. Empowerment is a multi-dimensional process which gives people the power to control their own lives simply by changing their perspective. An Empowered Perspective will follow this definition to connect news, theory, research and practice through an emancipated thought process which is not bound by legal, social, or political restrictions.

Empowered Perspective will challenge readers assumptions about the way things are or could be. To begin to demystify the concept of empowerment, it is important to understand the notion broadly in order to be clear about how it will apply to news stories, opinion pieces, race relations, religion and the like. The idea behind this column is to allow an empowered discussion which will cover current events by offering a twist of perception to the obvious.

The root of empowerment is power.  Empowered Perspective revolves around two ideas: Power and experience. The power to change one’s perspective is always an option, thereby making the process of empowerment possible. Second, empowerment is a process that challenges experience and perception. The weight of all experiences is based on our perception around the lesson. Empowerment is a construct shared by many disciplines across various arenas including education, psychology, community development, economics, and studies of organizations and social movements, and the like.  Empowerment is understood based on these perspectives. Power is increased or decreased based on perspective.

With fluctuations in the economy, rumors of wars and the tempestuous weather which is evident of global warming, change is clearly in the air. For many people, the uncertainty of what will come can be quite stressful. With so many stimuli coming from the internet, we must learn to lean on selective perception. This terminology, used by psychologists, is interpreted as, “What we see depends on what we look for.” Just as a photographer uses various lenses to capture “reality” in different ways, we each have a set of filters – culture, experience, physical and mental health, economic status, etc. — through which we see the world. Therefore, if life constantly looks dismal, it is time for an empowered perspective.

empowered perspectiveThe purpose of Empowered Perspective is to foster power or increase the capacity to implement power in their lives, communities, and society, by focusing on issues they deem important. The time for living life according to the status quo or in a state of paralysis because of the way the media portrays current events is expired. We are never void of the power to change our perspective and adopt a new thought process in order to experience life in a meaningful way.

I invite you to join the conversation, suggest topics you would like to see addressed or respectfully challenge the perspective. Let’s embrace new and expansive ways of thinking by asking new questions, pursuing new purposes and creating new ideas by viewing things from new perspectives. Remember, it does not matter what we go through in life nearly as much as what we make it mean to us. It’s all about your perspective.

All of my writings contain the assumption that the world is in desperate need of a better way of living that can only be possible through improved ways of thinking. Sociocentric and egocentric thought processes together represent the most powerful twin barrier to the development and cultivation an empowered perspective. We can’t get command of these forces in the mind unless and until we understand them and are actively working against them. It is in this light that I hope these articles will be understood and received. Again, welcome to Empowered Perspective.

By Cherese Jackson

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