Frank Sinatra Centennial Birthday Honored by Jack Daniel’s


On Oct. 1, 2015, the Jack Daniel Distillery announced their nationwide release of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century. The ultra-premium whiskey is the latest collaboration with the Sinatra family to celebrate what would have been the singer’s centennial birthday. As unique as the man it honors, this special-edition producut is limited to only 100 barrels.

According to Jack Daniel, the limited expression is crafted with spring water extracted from the caves of Jack Daniel’s Hollow. The distiller’s 150-year-old recipe includes a proprietary yeast and a charcoal-mellowing process that occurs in hand-selected oak barrels. These barrels are charred using a grooving method that is done only at the Jack Daniel’s Cooperage. The toasted oak produces a smokey, rich oak aroma that Sinatra adored. Jeff Arnett, master distiller, explains that in those perfectly-charred barrels, the liquid is exposed to the charcoal, giving the whiskey a beautiful golden hue and a rich, aged flavor that is unique to Jack Daniel’s.

As posted on PR Newswire, the singer had a personal relationship with Jack Daniel’s and was even the chairman of the board. Jackie Gleason introduced him to the amber drink and it soon became the legend’s signature item. A glass of Jack Daniel’s was always kept on a stool during his performances. It remained his drink of choice until the day he died.

Arnett said that Jack Daniel’s worked hard to create the right flavor and aroma for their Sinatra Century. They aimed for an expression that would honor the musical legacy’s centennial birthday on December 12. Gathering information involved interviewing his family, as well as those who knew his tastes and preferences best.

The first tribute from Jack Daniel’s was the Sinatra Select, a 90-proof premium Tennessee Whiskey that offered a bold, smooth flavor with an exceedingly rich profile. This expression was introduced in 2013.

David Lehman tells The Wall Street Journal about writing Sinatra’s Century: One Hundred Notes on the Man and His World. Lehman said that Jack Daniel’s was “the oil to the musical legacy’s engine.” By the mid-1960s, he could finish a fifth of Jack Daniel’s and still perform on stage. Lehman wrote the book because he loved the singer’s voice, musical savvy, and his definitive versions of lyrical standards.

According to Lehman, the limited edition expression’s packaging is as lavish as the drink itself. He had been given the collector’s edition as a gift. The lacquered case, priced at more than $379, comes with a brass handle. Inside the lush interior lays the bottle, glinting like dark, jeweled amber against black velvet. The collector’s drink is numbered starting with FAS, which are the initials of Frank Albert Sinatra. Included in this elaborate case is a thin hardbound book about the legend’s relationship with Jack Daniel’s and a tie clip that functions as a thumb drive. An album of unreleased versions of the singer’s live performances, which contains 13 songs, two monologues, and snippets of various recordings, is nestled beside the bottle. Lehman said the gift was a perfect way to end his evening – with a rocks glass in hand.

Frank Sinatra, Jr. said that Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century is a flattering tribute to his father and an elegant way to mark his centennial birthday. Whiskey was his dad’s favorite drink, so it only seemed fitting to raise this 100-proof expression to him in honor of his celebration. The musical legend died of a heart attack on May 14, 1998. He was buried with a flask of Jack Daniel’s in his casket.

By Rowena Portch

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