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Terrorist Drill Kills One and Injures Several Others at Kenyan University


A terrorist drill killed one and injured several others at a Kenyan University on Nov. 30, 2015, at 17:04 GMT.  The event unfolded as Strathmore University, located in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, implemented a simulation for the University’s security and emergency teams. The simulation used police officials bearing guns with rubber rounds of ammunition, which they shot upward into the air. Because the training exercise was unbeknownst to the faculty, staff, and students attending the University, the echoing sounds of gunshots sent over 5,000 people into a panic.


According to Al Jazeera, during the terrorist drill, conducted by Strathmore University, many people feared for their lives. People were seen jumping out of three- and four-story windows. Al Jazeera also reported that several students who had jumped from fourth-story windows sustained the worst injuries, such as shattering multiple bones in several places, including the face, legs, and arms. Updates on those who endured severe injuries have shown minimal improvement. The University has taken full responsibility for those who were injured during the drill.

According to Standard Digital News, the result of the terrorist drill, besides the injured people, was that one staff member from the catering department at the University, Ester Rusha Kidambi, 33, died from her injuries shortly after jumping out of a fourth-story window, despite several unsuccessful attempts to resuscitate her. Standard Digital News also reported that Kidambi’s family was aware of her fatal injuries.

The drill was implemented after the armed group Al-Shabaab carried out a terrorist attack against Garissa University in the east region of Kenya, which resulted in over 140 casualties. According to All Africa, the university’s council has assigned an 11- member team to investigate the terrorist drill that killed one and injured several others at the Kenyan University. Japheth Koome, Nairobi police chief, stated in an interview with Standard Digital News, “Officials in the drill followed all the protocols by using rubber bullets and stun grenades.”


CNN recently reported that after a top tier leader of Al-Shabaab was killed during a military strike commenced by the United States earlier this month, Kenyan government officials determined that the Somalia-originated terror group was considered to have affiliations with Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The English translation of “Al-Shabaab” is “youth,” which is the description of the group members who branched out from a larger terrorist group, previously led by Bin Laden, to form Al-Shabaab.

The destructive group has had previous incidents in northern Kenya, where they targeted multiple tourist destinations in 2011. On Dec. 13, 2015, a Kenyan official informed Diplomat News Network that when soldiers were in transport from Nairobi to the neighboring town, an ambush, carried out by Al- Shabaab, destroyed a military truck. Strathmore University’s attempt to successfully implement a terrorist drill failed when one person died and several others were injured at the Kenyan University.

By Jhayla D. Tyson
Edited by Jeanette Smith

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