WMWW Pledges Support for Minority Victims of Crime

WMWWThe White Movement Worldwide (WMWW) pledges to support victims of crime around the world and to protect innocent people against humiliating crimes. Connie Da Silva, who was born in South Africa and educated in England, is the women’s leader and the European and United Kingdom representative of the WMWW. Da Silva feels a special responsibility for women and children in South Africa who have been subjected to atrocities by the African National Congress (ANC) and its followers while the Western world turns its back.

The British government, in particular, having sold out its own in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in the 1970s, steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the increasingly desperate situation in which white South Africans are finding themselves and, consequently, the average British voter is either unaware or disinterested, maintaining that such reports are exaggerated. It is, therefore, the aim of the WMWW Movement’s European and U.K. representative to raise awareness of the appalling dangers facing whites on a daily basis in South Africa today.

Additionally, the remit will include responsibility for the ever-growing numbers of girls and women finding themselves the victims of the horrendous attacks that, in the last few months, have become daily occurrences throughout France, the Low Countries, Germany, and Scandinavia following the invasion of the Islamic so-called “refugees.”

In the face of the intransigence of most of the politicians, frustration in these countries is at a fever pitch. It has reached the point when so-called “gangs” understandably feel it necessary to take action in the defense of women, as is the case in Cologne where two hundred concerted sexual assaults took place at the City Center on New Year’s Eve while the police were supposedly powerless to prevent them.

The attacks are happening throughout Europe where young Islamic men feel able to attack girls and women in the street openly, often in broad daylight, and largely without fear of being apprehended or arrested. It is not only the young who are subjected to such atrocities. A few days ago in Sweden, a 78-year-old woman was raped and severely beaten by men who had broken into her home. Another 17-year-old girl was raped, and her 14-year-old sister sexually assaulted, as she tried to save her from Muslim “migrants” at a German public swimming pool.

The stories are endless. They occur in Cologne, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Paris, and the girls do not always identify their attackers. The fact that the same thing is happening in so many cities at the same time suggests that the assaults are coordinated, and yet the response from the politicians up until now has always been the same – more migrants should be welcome into our midst.

On January 14, the Daily Express reported a shocking attack on a British teenage girl, who was in Paris with a friend for the New Year celebrations when a large group of Muslim males ripped her clothes off. In Britain, following the disclosure of the Pakistani sex ring scandal in Rotherham, which had been swept under the carpet for years for fear of causing  “cultural misunderstanding,” lip service has been paid to addressing the danger within the country. The movement is, however, constantly assured by David Cameron, the prime minister, that Islam holds no threat. Politicians say more Muslims must be welcomed into our communities, despite the rapid rise in rapes and violent attacks on women and girls in towns and cities, which the police, in many cases, are either incapable or unwilling to prosecute.

WMWWThe WMWW is asking why the African National Congress (ANC) government of South Africa has not set up special police units to investigate the onslaught of the minority. The world is silent about the ongoing white genocide in South Africa. There are no special units within the force to inquire into the continuing attacks and murders, and the unanswered question is whether the ruling ANC party has ignored the violence.

Recently, President Jacob Zuma said the land was stolen, and this was the primary cause of poverty in the country. Farmers and white people, in particular, will not hand over land without fair compensation. Land reform is a sensitive subject, and the majority is expecting the government to give back land to the people without compensation. The frustration of waiting for land claim resolutions over the past 20 years has led to political parties promising voters that land will be returned immediately after the victory. Incitement of forceful removal of whites from land is another factor, and the WMWW has vowed to fight for the rights of the minority.

The WMWW wants the government to stop the killing of farmers and white people and have undertaken to stand up for the right to live a life of dignity. There is the perception that most of the farm murders are committed out of hatred. Living a fearful life is the norm and people never know if tragedy will strike. The WMWW believe that without farmers, there will be no food to feed the majority, and the ANC government is square to blame for the ongoing slaughter of people.

The WMWW movement and the women’s leader reach out to the victims of these terrible crimes, whether in South Africa, the United Kingdom or Europe, offering advice and solace where and when sought. WMWW wants the world to know that there is a support structure to assist the white people of America, Europe, and the Boer in South Africa against evil terrorists and unnecessary killings.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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