Coach Uses Vagina Weightlifting to Empower Women [Video]

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vagina weightliftingKim Anami, an intimacy coach, uses vagina weightlifting to empower women. She can lift weights, household objects, coconuts and even a surfboard using her vagina. Anami tells clients that vagina weightlifting can replace botox, cure depression and empower women in many other ways. She teaches “Vaginal Kung Fu” and explains that every woman has untapped power between her legs.

The 36-year-old relationship and holistic sex coach has traveled the world demonstrating her impressive vaginal muscles and unique abilities. The Canadian teacher takes a jade egg and ties a thin piece of string to it before inserting the egg into her vagina. She uses the other side of the string to connect to the object she intends to lift by only utilizing her superhero-like muscles.

Anami is currently on a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of vaginal superpowers. Using Vaginal Kung Fu, she helps women emotionally and physically reconnect to their vagina and ultimately become more in tune with their sexual energy. Anami compares it to yoga, but for the vagina. This method, according to the intimacy coach, gives women sexual confidence, power and strengthens the pelvic floor far more effectively than regular Kegels.

There are no dangers, according to Anami, in vagina weightlifting with a woman’s sexual apparatus. The key to vagina weightlifting is starting small and slowly working up just as one would do in a traditional weightlifting regimen. She described the course as follows:

In my eight-week online Vaginal Kung Fu course, I teach a veritable vag-cylopedia of all things vagina, including emotional and psychological components of healing and empowerment. We also focus on strengthening the core and other supporting muscles.

The intimacy coach said she has always been in tune with her sexual energy and very interested in making sex better. It is a personal growth tool, according to Anami, that is a part of a healthy lifestyle which is self-actualizing, vagina weightliftingrevitalizing, and healing. She started practicing Vaginal Kung Fu, which she calls the mastery of all things vagina, about 20 years ago.

This modernized form of strengthening the pelvic floor is based on ancient Taoist practices used by women thousands of years ago to increase sexual pleasure. Taoism is a religio-philosophical tradition that has, along with Confucianism, shaped Chinese life for more than 2,000 years. Classical Taoist teaches sexual techniques designed to conserve and retain sexual energy because “this type of energy is life-enhancing.”

However, vagina weightlifting does more than increase sexual pleasure and strengthen the pelvic floor; it also has the ability to empower women in others areas life. The intimacy coach explained the benefits as follows:

Having a strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles helps with everything from increasing libido, orgasmic potential, and lubrication, eliminating incontinence, and preventing pelvic organ prolapse—especially after childbirth. The practice creates an overall lift in the body—even a face lift. I have had clients stop using Botox because they took up vaginal weightlifting. Even depression can be eradicated by becoming more connected with your sexuality. Overall, a woman becomes more connected to her sexual energy in a way that is tangible. She feels more enlivened and confident.

The main message the relationship coach wants to get across is that everyone should be having more, and better, sex. This not only revitalizes intimate relationships but everything else in a person’s life from career to their bank account. Anami would love for every woman to explore vagina weightlifting and be empowered for a better life. Thousands have already signed up for her online courses where she provides information and instruction on Vaginal Kung Fu and vaginal weightlifting.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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