Rob Gronkowski Took 700 Fans on a Cruise

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Rob Gronkowski
The New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski took 700 of his closest friends and fans on a three-day fan cruise. Among Gronkowski and his entourage were 1,600 other passengers that had no idea what their weekend would consist of. Despite what their anticipations were booking this cruise, they all would most definitely remember this trip for the rest of their lives.

Gronkowski and his 700-person entourage boarded a three-day Caribbean cruise on Feb. 19, 2016. The Norwegian Pearl was “cruise-crashed,” and apparently, named Gronk’s Party Ship for three days. The 965-foot ship contained a casino, spa, and bowling alley, as well as 13 bars and lounges. The cruise sailed from Miami, Fla. to the Bahamas. Many DJs, rappers, and comedians entertained the guests throughout the weekend, but the most notable performers were Flo Rida and Waka Flocka. While the ship’s passengers consisted of various people of all ages, there were certain journalists and editors aboard as well.

Gronk’s Party Ship had the help of an Atlanta-based travel company, Sixthman, who typically partners with big-name music labels and host themed cruises in the past. For instance, they have hosted events with Kid Rock and Kiss. While it is unknown if Gronkowski paid a certain portion of the trip for his guests, it cost each person $700 to attend the cruise.

It should not surprise the NFL community that Gronkowski took 700 fans with him on a cruise. He has the reputation of being the best tight end in the NFL and was awarded Defensive Player of the Year at the NFL Honors. In addition to this reputation, however, he is also known for always smiling and looking to have a good time. Some would even say he could be the star of a Toy Story-esque film and that he is just a big kid in a football player’s body. During the cruise, Gronkowski was seen dancing with his shirt off onstage various times and throughout the three-day excursion. This should not come as a surprise to fans, however, as he is also known to be a pretty good dancer.

With a total of 2,300 passengers on a cruise with the Patriots’ star player, social media definitely played a huge role over the weekend. One Twitter user posted the football player onstage while dancing to and with Flo Rida. The Gronk’s personality seemed to be a genetic factor as his dad was among his 700 fans. Gronkowski’s father proved to the world that the apple definitely does not fall far from the tree. The two were filmed dancing onstage to a different song as well. Sometime during the three-day cruise, the football player was caught in the middle of a proposal, and eventually, he was reported to be playing a game of Family Feud.

Although the majority of the ship did not anticipate being in the middle of an NFL player’s fan party, they probably received their money’s worth of fun. Gronkowski took 700 of his fans on a cruise to the Bahamas, and despite the presence of 13 open bars, one Rob Gronkowski contributed to the fun in itself.

Opinion by Tricia Manalansan
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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