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Hillary Clinton Takes Mississippi Democratic Primary by Storm


Hillary Clinton
Deep down in the delta, Hillary Clinton has taken the Mississippi Democratic primary by storm. CBS News has projected that Clinton is the winner of Mississippi’s Democratic primary, where polls closed at 8 p.m. ET.

The former First Lady continued to run strong across many demographic groups in Mississippi. As of 8 p.m. ET, exit polls showed an overwhelming 88 percent of black voters were supporting Clinton, compared to only 12 percent for Sanders. It is important to note that nearly seven in 10 voters in Mississippi are Black. These results are reflective of the support the Democratic frontrunner has exhibited over most of the early caucuses and Super Tuesday primaries thus far. Moreover, the former secretary of state is also performing well with white voters in the state as well.

Hillary Clinton

The one-time New York senator has demonstrated a significant lead among women voters (81 percent support) and men (74 percent), compared to Sanders’ support among women (19 percent) and men (26 percent). Another telling aspect of Clinton’s support stems from most Democratic voters in Mississippi looking for a candidate with political experience. An overwhelming ninety-three percent of Mississippi Democrats felt that Clinton has the right experience, compared to only six percent for Sanders.

Exit polls in Mississippi also revealed that 72 percent of the state’s Democrats want the next President of the United States to continue President Obama’s policies. Meanwhile, 20 percent of Mississippi Democrats want more liberal policies while only six percent want less liberal policies.

Other important factors that swayed voters to help Hillary Clinton take the Mississippi Democratic primary by storm, included a significant number of Mississippi Democrats that felt Sanders’ positions on the issues are too liberal (26 percent) and that he is too anti-business (29 percent). Furthermore, nearly half of voters said Sanders’ policies are not realistic and only 44 percent believe that Sanders can be trusted to handle the economy.

Written and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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