Texas Police Association Speaks Out Against Racially Charged Social Media Post

For Immediate Release

Black Police Association of Greater Dallas Condemns Parody of Person in Blackface Hanging from Noose

Dallas, Texas–On March 10, 2016, the leadership of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas has asked for an investigation regarding a racist and offensive post on Facebook. The picture depicts a group of whites standing next to a white male in blackface, tied up with a rope and noose around his neck. The individuals in the picture are giving a thumbs up. “At least two Dallas Police officers made comments indicating support of the picture, as they view it as simply humor. We profoundly disagree and denounce any law enforcement officer who supports this type of racially insensitive humor. Additional disparaging comments were made about Hispanic Americans.

It is not funny to regress back to one of the most despicable times in the history of this country, whether it is comically implied or actual. Decent humans cannot make light of something so serious and offensive. It would be wrong to make light of sexual assault and the traumatic impact it has on the victims and their families; and it is certainly not funny if one decided to accept as humor, a picture of a Jewish priest in religious attire, including the Yakama and a group of individuals dressed in Nazi uniforms, holding a noose around his neck.

While it is important to recognize the right of free speech, support and agreement with hate speech and the likes of racist propaganda simply cannot be tolerated. Police officers, by the nature of their job, are held to a higher standard, and there is no place for the straight-arm salute, yelling “Heil …,” nor can citizens abide using sub-human language (n_ gg_ _, spade, spook, etc). Condoning insensitive, racist posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms is of similar character, and officers who participate in such activities should be disciplined for “conduct unbecoming a police officer.”

The community should be outraged and unaccepting of such cruel, harsh, and downright indefensible social media posts. Regardless of the outcome, the organization firmly believes that an investigation is warranted to determine what, if any role, any Dallas Police officers may have played in this deplorable post on Facebook.

Thomas L. Glover, Sr. – President
Black Police Association of Greater Dallas

The above news release was sent to several media outlets earlier this evening. The following is the response from the Dallas Police Department:

“The Dallas Police Department has been made aware of the image and comments posted on a particular social media site. The Internal Affairs Division is conducting an administrative investigation into the matter.”

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