Homeless Kid


There’s a kid out there that doesn’t have a home

Then we wonder why he wants to be left alone

The street is the place where he always roam

Everybody talks about him but he doesn’t have a phone

When he’s at school there’s no concentration

He understands that nobody understands his situation

Nobody understands how he feel

He’s trying to figure out how to get his next meal

Everybody looks at him like he is a creep

He’s trying to figure out where he is going to sleep

Months go by but nobody pays attention

He tries to talk but nobody wants to listen

He’s only a boy and treated like a man

He’s started thinking – came up with a plan

He found a gun – started doing armed robberies

The last one he got killed now we all feel sorry

By Fred Cooper

Image Courtesy of glasseyesview’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License