Malema Warns White People About the Land


Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has warned the white people of South Africa about land reform. In a scathing article, the leader of the EFF accuses the white minority group of stealing the land. saying whites must stop being crybabies. The land, according to Malema, belongs to the majority, and the EFF will take back what was stolen. There is no intelligence in the approach to politics by the EFF; the party will always lay blame and not find a sustainable solution.

President Jacob Zuma is not the enemy of the people, according to Malema, who said Zuma is standing in the way, and the EFF will remove him to take back the stolen land.  A recent remark made on the EFF’s official Twitter account said, “White people must never think that we have abandoned the land question. They clap when we talk about Zuma. We are coming for you.”

The fierce attack against the minority comes in the wake of an entirely different statement in which Malema said, “Whites should not be oppressed and that all in South Africa should be equal and live on the same level.” The recent attack smacks of racism and hatred toward the minority.The leader of the EFF had a change of heart toward the white population, and this was done to garner support from the voters.

The leader of the EFF does not have anything better to offer South Africa and will always be an amplified, cunning leader. As the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party youth league president, Malema failed dismally. While acting as the youth league president, Malema broke all the laws with the ANC fat cats. When dumped by the top executives of the ANC, Malema realized that the ANC was full of criminals and that he was one of the same. Both the ANC and EFF are singing the same song while enriching the top few, and the masses remain blinded by allowing the desperation to continue.

The EFF should not be credited with its phony militancy; the party has more weaknesses than strengths. Most of the MPs are illiterate, weak in policy, and exalted to high positions from patronage. None of the EFF councilors would improve on the ANC failures. Implementation, not ideas, are needed for land reform. The ANC got it wrong and are stuck in a rut of tribalism, while the EFF avoids making a decision of fundamental challenges.

The victims of poverty, inequality, and continued exploitation cannot be blamed for the government’s failure of liberation. People have exhausted all opportunities and see the leader of the EFF as the answer to obtaining land and equal prospects. It could take the ruling ANC party of South Africa another 50 years to liberate the country, based on the fact that the past 22 years have remained devoid of any intellectual strategies. South Africa is the most exploited country and time is running out. An active struggle waged in the streets instead of a boardroom will not move South Africa forward. The white minority is no longer a threat to the majority, and until leaders like Malema realize the truth, there will never be a peaceful solution.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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