Morgan Freeman Explores God and Spirituality in New Docu-Series [Video]


FreemanMorgan Freeman’s new docu-series The Story of God follows the award-winning actor’s intriguing journey to faith. In search of answers to the many mysteries surrounding faith, Freeman travels to 20 cities in seven different countries. As an actor who has been cast as God in two Hollywood comedies as well as long been known in the entertainment industry as the voice of God, Freeman has now engaged in a true venture about God and spirituality as the host of a six-part documentary exploring religion across the globe.

The series which premiered yesterday on the National Geographic Channel started a buzz last year when it was announced. The subject of religion is one which people have different but strong feelings about. Included in Freeman’s search for resolve is the well-known megachurch in Houston, Texas. The Lean On Me actor visited Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church and said his experience there made a positive impression on him. He described it as follows:

I connected somewhat. At Lakewood Church, I was encouraged to think positive. You don’t just get some things just like that! You have to go do it to get it. God’s plan for us is to succeed.

Freeman, who said he has always been fascinated by God, explored several religious ceremonies and faith practices as he immersed himself in spiritual discussions. Some of the questions which the Driving Miss Daisy actor has pondered on his journey of a lifetime are:

Where do we come from? What happens when we die? Why does evil exist? Why do people all around the world worship their God, or gods, so differently?

In a 2012 interview, Freeman said he believed humanity created God and questioned the hard evidence to the contrary. Although not a religious man, the actor said his belief system does not support a creator that can be called God as the author of all mankind. According to Freeman, if he believes in God at all it would have to be due to the Freemanfact that he considers himself God. Now, at 78-years-old, he is on a worldwide search to explore God and spirituality in the new docu-series, The Story of God.

As witnessed previously during some of Freeman’s other narrated works, viewers found his distinctive and eloquent voice a natural for the new series. Although the actor made his acting debut at only nine-years-old, it was not until many years later that he received his first big break. After high school, instead of accepting a partial drama scholarship from Jackson State University, Freeman opted instead to enlist in the United States Air Force. He served four years and then headed to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his true passion of acting.

After surviving his own life challenging experiences the Glory actor has his sights set on religion and spirituality. He has not clarified whether his mind has changed from the previous stance on God but admits there are some big questions he would like the answers for concerning humanity and the universe. The pilot episode of The Story of God focused on death and the afterlife with the second to discuss the end of days and the apocalypse. Morgan Freeman will continue to explore God and spirituality in his new docu-series airing on the National Geographic Channel on Sundays.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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