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Houston Police Department Arrests Ex-Marine for Death of 11-Year-Old Boy


Houston Police DepartmentAccording to the Houston Police Department, an Ex-Marine was arrested for the stabbing death of a 11-year-old boy. “Nbc4i.com” reports, the Houston Police Department arrested Andre Timothy Jackson, age 27, on June 3, 2016 for the murder of Josue Flores, back On May 17, 2016. Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner, Acting Police Chief Montalvo, and the Harris County District Attorney, Devon Anderson, held news conferences on Saturday, June 4, 2016 to discuss the recent arrest and filed charges. Jackson is being held on $100,00 bond.

“Fox News” states, Flores was attacked around 4:40 pm on his way home from an after school meeting, when Jackson approached the boy and began stabbing him repeatedly. Witnesses gave a description of a man that weighed around 200 pounds, nearly 6-ft tall, wearing black pants and a green jacket with lettering on the back. A few days after the May stabbing, Che Calhoun, age 31, was arrested for Flores’ murder. But charges were dropped after evidence of Calhoun’s alibi proved he was not involved.

The” Houston Chronicle” printed that Jackson was arrested by the Houston Police Department at the downtown Salvation Army, where he lived. District Attorney Anderson filed charges later in the day.

Jackson was discharged from the Marines in 2011, arrested and convicted in 2015 for unlawful carrying of a weapon. Additionally, in March of 2016, he was also arrested and convicted for the misdemeanor violation of criminal trespassing.

The Houston Police Department reported that several witnesses have claimed to hear loud screaming and saw Flores struggling with a man.

Sadly, these witnesses are not the people who alerted the police to the crimes. It was a bystander who flagged down the police to show them where Flores had collapsed, near the sidewalk. Flores was taken to the hospital with multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead a short time later.

What has happened to society in the modern world? How can an 11-year-old boy be attacked on the street in the middle of the afternoon and no one calls the police or 911 to come to his aid? It was this information that led to the Houston Police Department arrest of the Ex-Marine for the death of the ll-year-old boy.

The big break in the Flores case came nearly two weeks later, when the Houston Police Department released a 36-second video. The video showed a person of interest running down a street not far from the scene of the crime. The assailant was wearing a green jacket with the letters “LYMEN” on the hood. It still appears there is no obvious, or clear connection between Jackson or Flores.

The Houston Police Department was finally able to arrest the Ex-Marine for the death of the 11-year-old boy, because Flores’ case began to go cold, which enabled the Houston Authorities to collect $45,000 to use as a reward for anyone who was willing to provide information leading to the capture of the violent offender who killed this boy. Since the information received came from a couple of different sources, the authorities will have to determine how to disburse the reward between the individual parties.

At Mayor Turner’s press conference, he attempted to bring peace to the Flores family and the Houston community perhaps because the death was so violent, unprovoked, and cold-blooded. The Mayor was aware people would never have any answers to bring the family or community, any type of resolution for Jackson’s act. The Houston community understands the death of Flores will not be justified without the conviction of Jackson. Jackson is a repeat criminal offender and his punishment should be considered based on this reality.

In conclusion, the Houston Police Department has been quite busy at the beginning of the 2016 summer. The “Houston Chronicle” also reported, on Sunday May 29, 2016 another military veteran went on a shooting spree, killing two after firing hundreds of rounds. It is well documented, the crime rates of the United States raise considerably during the warmer months of the year. Since 2016, has been the warmest year on record so far, it is scary to think of the senseless and violent crimes still to come.

By Kristina Lasher

Edited by DiMarkco Chandler


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