Nevada Republican Majority Project Assembly Candidates Support Voters

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The 2016 Election Majority Project is a political organization established to present a united force for integrity and restore Nevada to greatness. They have committed to support the voters’ needs and desires. These state legislature candidates are grass-root Republicans; not establishment Republicans. Individuals back these candidates; not big business. Therefore, their votes are not bought and paid for, nor will their votes be sold. The voters will continue to have a voice through these candidates after they are elected.

Each signed the Contract With Nevada, which lists 10 vows the candidates support, and that, when elected to the state legislature, they agree to uphold. On June 14, 2016, voters in Nevada will cast their ballots in support of the person they want to nominate as assemblyperson for their district.

Assemblyman Brent Jones, Assembly District (AD) 35, stated on the Contract With Nevada website that he was disappointed with the results from the last legislative session (2015). This feeling was due to the flagrant abuse of the voter’s trust and the legislators who lied about not raising taxes, among other things. Like the others who signed the contract, he intends to restore the voters’ confidence.

Contract With Nevada

  1. Taxpayers Relief Act – They will immediately bring forth legislation to repeal the Commerce Tax and will not cast votes that raise taxes or fees.
  2. True Education Reform Act – This is a process that includes evaluating what needs to change for the schools to become more efficient. The goal is to keep the programs that work and discard those that do not. They support school choice and the Educational Savings Accounts programs.
  3. Stop Common Core Act – This will support the removal of the Common Core educational program and replace it with a successful program that is similar to others that have proven track records.
  4. Law Enforcement Safety Act – They will implement a requirement that law enforcement personnel must wear body cameras, which will create a safer environment for officers and the public alike.
  5. Voter Integrity Act – This is a two-fold vow. First, they will create a regulation that requires all voters to present valid state-issued identification when they vote. Second, they will ensure that all the equipment and votes are audited by an outside service to increase voter trust.
  6. Health Care Reform Act – They will support the removal of the Nevada Silver State Exchange and will not support the participation of any health care program that has been mandated by the government.
  7. Children’s Privacy Act –  They will create and support legislation to ensure the locker rooms and bathrooms in the public schools are gender specific.
  8. Parental Notification Act – This act will give parents, and guardians the absolute right to make all decisions about their child’s medical needs. The law would require that any minor who is under 18 could not receive medical care or procedure without the consent of the parent or guardian.
  9. Free Market Fairness and Transparency Act – All companies that wish to do business with the state of Nevada will find fair competition.
  10. Second Amendment Adherence Act – The desire is to continue to support and promote the right to own firearms. They will also support legislation that will secure concealed carry rights laws, which will be equally adhered to in public and on public college campuses.

Non-Establishment Assembly District Candidates

  • AD5 Tony Baca
  • AD8 Norm Ross
  • AD9 Diana Orrock
  • AD13 Steve Sanson
  • AD15 Stan Vaughn
  • AD18 Christine DeCorte
  • AD19 Connie Foust
  • AD21 Blain Jones
  • AD23 Swadeep Nigam
  • AD25 Jennifer Terhune
  • AD35 Brent Jones
  • AD36 Tina Trenner
  • AD36 Rusty Stanberry
  • AD37 Jim Marchant
  • AD41 Mary Rooney
  • AD42 Richard Bunce

The voters are assured by the Majority Project assembly candidates that they intend to keep their word, even when faced with pressure to comply with requests that are contrary to the wishes of the citizens of Nevada. These candidates have declared they will not be bullied by Governor Sandoval and big-money lobbyists who represent casino, mining, and gaming interests.

By Cathy Milne


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Facebook: Majority Project – Nevada Assembly
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Image Courtesy of Ken Lund’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License