‘Supergirl’ Will Fly Over to CW Network

It is a bird, it is a plane… no, it is Supergirl. The young superhero will fly over to the CW network for the television series’ second season. The CW network is owned by both CBS and Time Warner’s Warner Bros. and derives its acronym from both companies’ first letters. According to IMDb, “Supergirl” originally aired on CBS in October of 2015, but because CW is aimed toward an 18-34-year-old demographic, the switch by the television series would appear to be the correct direction for the superhero to fly and the better network on which to appear.

Who Exactly Is Supergirl?

SupergirlAn investigation is needed into the identity of the superhero. It has its roots in a time where marriage was forever and teen pregnancy was severely frowned upon and rarely heard of.  The naivete of children in the ’40s was sweet and profound. Comic books were a source of great entertainment, but mostly for young boys, because the superheroes were mostly male. According to TOR.COM, Issue No. 5 of DC Comics, “Superboy,” featured Clark Kent’s adventures when he was a teen living in Smallville, Kansas. The young Superman met Lucy Regent aka Supergirl in the issue. How fabulous for young ladies of that day and age to have had such a strong female character like her to idolize.

Unfortunately, the Supergirl of the ’40s left Superman high and dry and was not to be seen from again. In 1959, she was introduced as Kara Zor-El and became the real Supergirl in Action Comics Issue No. 252.

Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, and, of course, she can also fly. The superhero is the daughter of Zor-El, which explains her odd last name, and Alura In-Ze is her mother. At 15, she was sent to live with her cousin Superman on Earth, after the destruction of the dome she and the survivors of her planet lived under was destroyed.

Supergirl on the Big Screen

With all of the superhero movies that came out in the 1980s that showcased men as the hero,  it was a refreshing breath of fresh air to hear that “Supergirl,” the movie, was to come out in 1984. Not very many strong leading roles were available for women back then – never mind a female superhero who flies. There had been the mid-to-late ’70s TV show, “Wonder Woman,” which aired on the Warner Bros. network, which had advocated the super-heroine for decades.

The movie starred Helen Slater as Supergirl and tells the tale of the superhero’s journey to Earth to find and return a power source, which had been whisked away accidentally. When she arrives on Earth, her powers are identical to those of Superman. Of course, she encounters trouble and obstacles on her journey to find the power source she is searching for.

Supergirl’s Flight Onto TV Screens

SupergirlAccording to COMICBOOK.com, the highest debuting show of 2015-2016, “Supergirl,” premiered on the CW’s sister company, CBS. The network also televised other DC hits like”The Flash” and “Arrow.” It makes for a great pairing to have the “Supergirl” series fly over to meet all the other DC Comics heroes, and villains, who are also on the CW network.

The move, as reported by  COMICBOOK.COM, will be a strenuous one, due to the cast and crew having to make a possible move to Vancouver, Canada. Along with the possibility of moving to Canada, it is still unclear at what time slot the show will air on the new network. The move is rumored to be taking place because of the tax incentives offered by Canada, which will make the cost of production less in comparison to the more expensive cost when filming in Los Angeles, California.

The move to the CW network and the possibility of filming in Vancouver, Canada, would not only save the production team money, but it would also mean the possibility of more crossovers between the other DC Comic heroes, as with”The Flash” in an episode of “Supergirl” last season. Executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg also produce the other DC Comic book television shows, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “Flash” and “Arrow.”

By Tracy Blake


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