CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Claims

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On Thursday, July 21, 2016, Roger Ailes resigned from his CEO position at Fox News after sexual harassment charges were brought against him. Megyn Kelly, a former news anchor, was the first to file charges against the head of the network. Gretchen Carlson, who was a broadcaster for the news network, has also accused Ailes of making sexual advances toward her. Both women claim they were fired after refusing to go along with his sexual suggestions.

A representative for Ailes showed a letter to the press he wrote to Roger Murdoch, who has been chosen to take over as acting CEO.

With your assistance, I am honored to have been a part of making Fox News media networks the strong and profitable news organizations they have become, which informs the public and benefits the stockholders. I am especially pleased of what I have personally done to help forward the careers of countless woman who I have promoted to on-air and executive positions. Quite a few of them have earned the recognition they have achieved, and have shown courage and agility, when bringing the news into American homes. This network is first in the cable networks, because I have consistently been able to recognize the women and men, who were the most skilled and promoted them in television, and they have preformed above all expectations.

After spending many years building this significant news media, I can not allow my presence to be a distraction from making this network a continuing leader in the media industry. I am positive that every one will keep their standards of keeping it above all other networks, and the businesses are right where they should be for years excellence yet to come.

I wish to continue to work as an advisor to you in making 21st Century Fox another one of our greatest accomplishments.

All the best, Roger

AilesAiles is telling the world he resigned from Fox News for the good of the business but still wants to be a part of it. Kelly stated the harassment occurred during her employment. Her attorneys, Martin Hyman and Erika Smith have stated to NBC that more information will come out as the case proceeds. Carlson’s claim is that the former CEO fired her when she refused his offer of sexual intercourse. Through her courage, she is sending a message to credible companies that they can no longer protect the people who sexually harass others and women will no longer stand for the abuse.

According to Kelly, she is not only doing this for her own sense of dignity but for every woman in the working world. The former Fox employee also said, she is extremely satisfied with everything she has been able to do for the network and has enjoyed bringing the news to the audience. Ailes, who denies her accusations said it is her revenge for the network not picking up her contract for another season, which was due to her poor ratings.

Ailes, the CEO of Fox News has resigned, and the sexual harassment case has moved forward. However, he is still an advisor for the network and a part of the decision-making team. Carlson and Kelly are reclaiming the dignity they say he took from them with his inappropriate actions. One can only hope that one day this type of behavior will not exist.

Opinion by Katherine Miller
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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