Egyptian Pyramids Are as Mysterious as They Are Breathtaking

Egyptian Pyramids
The Egyptian Pyramids are as mysterious as they are breathtaking. Over 3,000 years ago, the Pyramids were built under mysterious circumstances. Theories of the origins and construction include help from aliens who came from another world. However, new technologies have recently spread light on the possible physical development.

“Tech Times” reported, space particles and cosmetic rays have helped describe secrets of Egypt’s Pyramids from ancient history. The rays and  particles helped experts with the architecture of Ancient Egypt to classify the Bent Pyramid. It has an inclined upper half and has never been identified before.

A new form of technology named Scans Pyramid was used to plan cosmic rays in order to construct maps of the insides of the Egyptian landmarks. Students of archaeology have also been able to make use of the new technology to study the structures and internal physical characteristics.

The Scan Pyramids team completed work to show the internal parts of the structure with just an x-ray.  According to “Tech Times,” the team had an excellent outcome. The results of the investigation were presented on May 3, 2016, to the Antiquities minister Khaled El-Enany and Mamdouh El-Damaty, who is the former minister. The results were presented this year in Cairo, Egypt.  The researchers used muon technology, which is unstable subatomic particles. Muons naturally and lastingly are found on the earth and are capable of trickling through any material very profoundly.

“” explained that the pyramids were built at a time when Egypt was one of the richest civilizations in the world as well as one of the mightiest.  The site also stated the Egyptian pyramids are some of the most stunning man-made edifices in world history, particularly the Pyramids of Giza. The gigantic structures show the irreplaceable part the Pharaoh, or an Egyptian King, played in the society of Ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian Pyramids were built as mysterious as they were breathtaking. The construction of the Pyramids initiated during the dawn of the Old Kingdom to the Fourth Century, during the close of the Ptolemaic Age. However, the apex of the physical development of the pyramids originated during the late Third Dynasty and lasted until the Sixth Dynasty, which was in the year 2325 B.C.E.

“Mirror” reported new technology allows researchers to peel through the physical elements of the structure to show sufficient production which is antique to its core. The structures are 4,500 years old. However, using state of the art technology, scientists or explorers are now understanding the inside of the Egyptian Pyramids.

The Scan Pyramids project, which is new, uses cosmetic rays to build maps of the inside of the Pyramids. The image on the scan shows the picture of the internal chamber that is crooked of the Bent Pyramid. The Bent Pyramid is a 345-foot monument and is 25 miles south of Cairo.

The piercing building was known as Southern Shining Pyramid during Ancient times. The structure is also thought to be one of the earliest designs in the entire nation of Egypt. The piece of architecture looks odd because it was built at a time when the Ancient Egyptian engineering was transitioning from formerly building stepped pyramids to building smooth pyramids.

The cosmetic rays were used to expose secrets of the old building. In addition, scientists are using muon particles to pierce deep into the stone. The muon particles come from cosmic rays.

Researchers use the new forms of technology to measure how thick the stonework of the Egyptian Pyramids. The research developed a map of the inside of the old structure. The particles took 40 days of exposure to harvest enough data.

The images from Scan Pyramids can currently find the measure of the workers who built the structures. The Egyptian Pyramids are seen to be as mysterious as they are breathtaking.

By John A. Federico


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