Jon Stewart Took Over ‘Late Show’ to Go on ‘Daily Show’ Rant


The Daily Beast reported that on Monday, July 18, 2016, Jon Stewart made a scheduled appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” but on Thursday, July 21, Stewart took over the show to go on an old-school, “Daily Show” rant. During the program, Colbert took a moment to mention the dismissal of Roger Ailes from Fox News. Colbert stated, he took no pleasure in Ailes losing his job but asked the cameraman to cut away from him so he could laugh out loud. When the camera returned to Colbert, Stewart appeared at his side in a gray T-shirt. Stewart asked Colbert if he could take over for a while. He even requested to sit in Colbert’s chair.

According to “The Atlantic,” Colbert climbed under his desk, which was basically where Stewart appeared from, he took Colbert’s lead and started his monologue focused on the corpulent Ailes, and the likelihood he was guilty of the alleged sexual harassment claims by Fox News employees.

“USA Today” discussed how Stewart pointed out how Fox News employees would use misleading words to describe President Barak Obama and all of those words directly applied to the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Stewart explained Fox News regularly enjoyed calling Obama divisive in all of his plans, implying he is not an American and is a practicing Muslim. The political comedian stated it is now official, the Republican Party has nominated a narcissistic liar as their candidate and must stand behind all of his racist and sexist comments.

He suggested the division in the Republican Party resulted from the reality they nominated a candidate who embodied all of the negative attitudes and beliefs they work so hard to disguise. He continued his rant by stating the Republican Party needed to stop focusing their attention on trying to bring America backward through racial inequality, gender inequality, and biases toward anyone who does not meet the standard of a white heterosexual male. He claimed their mission was pointless because America is different than it was 50 years ago.

Stewart claimed, Fox News and the Republican Party are too satisfied with the unpresidential nature of Trump. He is inexperienced, has a thin skin, and goes off on anyone who dares to speak against him. There is nothing about any of those characteristics that scream presidential. It was these types of comments by Stewart that were similar to the way he used to go on a “Daily Show” rant, which was even more memorable because he took over the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

50 years ago, the American dream included getting married, owning a home, and working hard to achieve limitless social mobility. The comedian argued it was the Republican Party and Fox News who were responsible for minimizing the number of people who were able to access this dream. He returned to the notion of Fox News and the Republican Party being the divisive parties who have been able to gain the support to marginalize the majority of the American population.

The comedian described the only entities the Republican Party is concerned about are older white people, the police, and the military. At the same time, they are only supportive to those entities when they are oppressing the groups of people they choose. During his 10-minute segment, it was clear he missed the opportunity to discuss all of the current news since his retirement. He concluded his rant by stating, the diverse population was not going anywhere and the Republican Party and Fox News better accept it.

The political comedian used his 10 minutes well to plan a strategic slam against the Republican presidential candidate, Fox News, and the Republican Party, all at the same time. There is no word if Stewart was reconsidering his retirement but he did go on an old-school, “Daily Show” rant, which was enjoyable to watch when he took over the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” according to his fans.

By Kristina Lasher
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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