NASA Cuts Feed to International Space Station Conspiracists Believe It Is a UFO [Video]



“USA Today” suggests that space conspiracy theorists have once again accused NASA of cutting the live feed from the International Space Station as a possible unidentified flying object (UFO) entered the Earth’s atmosphere on Saturday, July 9, 2016. Nature World News claims, UFO hunters argue this is another cover-up by NASA in order to prevent humans from discovering alien life. NASA spokesman Daniel Huot explains the live feed was not intentionally cut.

Huot also claimed the International Space Station passes in and out of range of the Tracking and Data Delay Satellites. These satellites are used to receive and send telemetry, video, and voices to and from the station. NASA explained there are several uncontrollable causes that would disrupt the signal received by the International Space Station. Whenever the station has lost the connection to its cameras, there has been a blue screen or a preset video slate visible to viewers.

The disruption of the signal to and from the International Space Station can be compared to the disruption of Internet service here on Earth. These disruptions can create lapses in the transmission of the live feed whenever the International Space Station passes out of the range of the tracking capabilities. “The Huffington Post” reported that this controversy is just the latest installment of the cutting of the live transmission after a sighting of a UFO that flew into view while it entered or left the Earth’s atmosphere.

Similar to other supposed UFO sightings, the video feed from the International Space Station was abruptly cut off and replaced with an on-screen message about how the system suffered from some type of technical glitch. A common question from UFO conspiracy theorists is, why does the live feed always cut off regardless of what the UFO actually is? The idea of an unidentified flying object does not only apply to alien life, but anything flying around that has not yet been identified.

Average people are not buying Huot’s response because the scenario seems suspicious and highly unlikely to be a coincidence at the time the feed was cut as evidenced during discussions through various forms of social media platforms. It has become common for NASA to cut the live feed from the International Space Station just as a possible UFO appeared into view. People are not afraid to express that they are unsatisfied with NASA’s announcement there has never been a UFO come into view from the cameras on the International Space Station because the statement appeared to be supercilious.

Streetcap1 uploaded the video in question for the world to make up their own minds and stated that the video is not proof of alien life and it is likely the object in view was a meteor of some kind.

It is possible the UFO in the video could be the Chinese space station cargo satellite referred to as Tianong1. It is believed to be this satellite because there are reports claiming China had lost contact with one of its satellites.

In 2015, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a picture of India that appeared to be a UFO. It was later discovered the object in the image was actually the reflection of equipment on the International Space Station itself. The problem is it always seems NASA cuts the live feed from the International Space Station to stop people from viewing any UFO regardless if they are believed to be proof of alien life or something as simple as a meteor flying by.

There is no way to know for certain what has flown past the Earth, but conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters plan to continue to search for the truth. There have been no reports describing how long the live feed from the International Space Station was down.


By Kristina Lasher
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Jeffowenphotos’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License