‘Pokemon Go’ App Helps Nintendo

Pokemon Go

According to “Wired,” Nintendo’s recent release of “Pokémon Go” on July 6, 2016, is considered to be its top-grossing mobile app in history. The game encourages players to travel outside to search their city parks, streets, and forests for virtual monsters they can collect.

“Pokémon Go,” at one point, had more active daily users than “Candy Crush Saga,” making it the world’s most played mobile gaming app ever. Nintendo, at one time, owned and helped create the gaming mobile market with the introduction of the Game Boy and Nintendo DS. Interests in the mobile gaming systems declined after the advent of smartphones and gaming apps.

With the recent release of “Pokémon Go,” the decline has reversed, doubling Nintendo’s stock price to $300 (32,000 yen), after the game’s release, in the beginning of July. This has not happened since the Nintendo Wii gaming system came out. Even with Nintendo’s stocks falling 13 percent, on July 20, 2016, it surpassed the market cap of Sony.

According to “RollingStone,” Nintendo did not create “Pokémon Go,” that credit goes to the augmented reality specialist Niantic, who is not a part of Nintendo’s smartphone game deal with the Chinese firm DeNA. The deal with DeNA resulted in the release of the Miitomo social app. Even so, in October of 2015, Nintendo did become part of the $30 million investment in Niantic, who have always had a stake in the Pokémon Company, and they manage all aspects of the Pokémon brand. It is not known how exactly Nintendo is involved in the “Pokémon Go” mobile game, however, the big question is: “What does the new game mean for the veteran video game manufacturer?”

Pokemon GoLike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo is preparing for the release of their new console, NX, in March of 2017. The company states that it is a “new way of playing games,” and it is a “brand new concept” in the gaming world. Rumors about the NX are that it is a hybrid device, which allows the player(s) to either, play at home or, bring it with them, by way of a portable handheld system. Other rumors are buzzing that say, the NX will be able to communicate with the handheld device once they are linked, giving it more power and experience for the player(s).

Wii U’s performance ended on an abject note and the revenue for the veteran gaming company has been in decline. In retrospect, the steady progress for Nintendo toward a highly connected and spontaneous social gaming experience would seem to place the company on the right track for renewed success. At this year’s E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said:

We believe in always innovating, always doing things that are new.

He went on to say that they also believe in mainstreaming and look for technology that will, at some point, be mass marketed. Fils-Aime is referring to being able to sell products for a mass market, once they come down in price. According to “The Week,” NX may not use an optical disc drive. This may signify the return of the game cartridge. There are advantages to the cartridges, like cheap flash storage, as well as being more reliable and faster than an optical disc drive. It would not be a stretch of the imagination for the company to switch solely to cartridges, considering they still use cartridges for their handheld games like the Nintendo DS.

By Tracy Blake
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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