PlayStation 4 Slim Releasing in September

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PlayStation 4

According to Business Insider, PlayStation 4, (PS4) is slimming down. Sony, the company that makes the consoles, is known for releasing thinner versions of the same product since the original PlayStation came out. Although Sony has yet to announce when the PlayStation 4 Slim will be released, to the public, the company does anticipate releasing it in September .

With that said, there is a gamer in the United Kingdom, (UK) who already owns the new slim PS4. The gamer bought the system from Gumtree. Digital Foundery’s Richard Leadbetter interviewed the man to confirm it was legitimate and get more information about the PS4 Slim. Leadbetter said it booted up like the standard PS4 and was like it in every way, except in looks.

Not only is the company releasing its compact version of the standard PS4, but it is also releasing another PlayStation 4 system that is more than just a new form of the console. Its codename is Neo and it is capable of powering 4K games. Andrew House, Sony’s president, calls the new PS4 Neo console a high-end version of the PS4. The Neo is also reported to be releasing in September alongside the PlayStation 4 Slim.

As reported by, Sony will hold an event on Sept. 7, 2016, in New York where they will be announcing the releases of both the more powerful Neo and the PS4 Slim. Gamers can look forward to the release of the compact PlayStation 4 shortly after the September event.

That said, it looks like Microsoft has already released their slimmer version of the Xbox One, which is being called Xbox One S.  Additionally, the company is in the process of gearing up to release their more powerful console, Project Scorpio. The new system does not have a release date, yet.

However, unlike the slim version of the system, according to House, it is not supposed to replace the current PlayStation 4, but rather, sit along side it. Meaning that the Neo is intended to compliment the standard PS4.

House says that the new high-end PS4 Neo is expected to be sold alongside the PlayStation 4 slim. The new PS4 compact version is meant to replace the standard console and is said to likely to cost as much as the system it is replacing, around $349. At the same time, Sony’s original version’s price will probably drop to make room for the slimmer PS4 console.

Other Releases for the PlayStation 4

Sony also has announced its up and coming PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) headset, which is launching in October. There are also buzzing rumors about a new PS4 controller, according to The Verge. The controller is said to have the same style, with only one distinction from the original. The PS4 DualShock 4 controller difference is a single light bar on top of it. Along with the light bar in front is now visible on its front face.

With that said, it is unclear whether the illumination on the front of the PlayStation 4 controller comes from a separate light source. Or possibly a slit inside the controller allowing it to bleed through to the front light. PS4 gamers hope that the new light is emanating from the existing source instead of a new one, due to the DualShock 4 being infamous for a short battery life. Players blame the large color-changing light bar for the origin of the controller’s short-lived battery life.

At this time, the buzz of the new DualShock controller is only a rumor. However, confirmation of the new light bar has been verified by a Twitter user with the handle @shortmaneighty2. Gamers everywhere will have to wait for the look of both the Neo and the new PlayStation 4 slim along with the DualShock 4, when Sony releases them, in September.

By Tracy Blake


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