Another Bad Choice Made by Donald Trump Leaves the GOP Wounded [Video]


Donald Trump, in the last week of August 2016, has deflated his hard-core plan on deportation. This left some Americans thinking that he is rethinking his plan to deport 11 million or so immigrants. This is another recent flip-flop that has left the GOP weakened. Trump appointed Stephen K. Bannon as the chief executive officer (CEO) of his campaign, in an effort to repair his image with white voters. The GOP presidential candidate has made several questionable choices, and not looking into Bannon’s past was another poor choice. The right-wing media executive was charged with two misdemeanors for domestic violence. Within the same week, the real estate mogul shifted again by visiting a black church in South Carolina.

Bannon was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors of domestic violence in 1996. According to his ex-wife, he had attacked her and grabbed her around her neck. She refused to testify after Bannon threatened her with retaliation, and his attorney told her she would not get any money for child support while he was in jail and unable to work. He also said the children would be taken away by child protective services (CPS) when she was unable to care for them. The attorney banked that the former Mrs. Bannon was like most people, and unaware that in several states, such as Miss., and Texas, if a parent is incarcerated he or she will be put to work in the penal system and the money earned will be sent to the other parent for child support. California may not have a system in place for parents to pay toward their child support while in jail, but it was still a bullying tactic used to get away with a crime, which is what Trump said he wanted to stop. This sends the message that the billionaire does not consider domestic violence a crime. It also says victims are not important enough to help.

On Wednesday, Aug. 31, the billionaire made an extensive speech on his immigration policy. Many people were eager to hear his plan laid out in detail on how he proposes to fix the vetting process. Katrina Pierson, the GOP nominee’s spokesperson, told a CNN reporter the U.S. has no vetting process, but when the news anchor read off the actual method to Pierson, she attempted to twist her words and accuse the top reporter of not listening. Pierson’s misinformation seems to be adding to the hurt of the GOP’s reputation.

Saturday, Sept. 2, the billionaire stepped into a black church, in Detroit for the first time and made a speech promising equality for the African-American community. Former presidential candidate Ben Carson, was on the scene to support his one-time rival. He told CNN that people only hear the way he says something and not what he is actually saying. Carson protested that if any other candidate had said illegal immigrants were causing too much crime in America and something must be done to get them out of the country, it would have been taken more seriously. However, Carson does not seem to realize that no matter how one says it, the meaning is still the same; illegal immigrants are the main cause of crime in America. This statement blames certain minorities for one of this country’s biggest problems. It may or may not be the message in which Trump wants to get across, but it is what most of America, including minorities, are hearing.

Also this week, Trump supporter, Pastor Mark Burns of South Carolina, was questioned by CNN’s Victor Blackwell on the falsities found in the biography on his website. The Pastor claimed that he earned his B.A. in Science from North Greenville University. However, he only attended one semester at the school and did not enroll anywhere else. He also claimed to have served six years in the Army Reserves. There is no record of him joining the reserves.

The real estate mogul seems to constantly surround himself with people who are either misrepresenting themselves or caught on camera misappropriating the facts. There is an off-chance that the GOP nominee is having trouble getting his point across to the American people, but if that is the case, then America does not need a president who has so much trouble expressing himself to the majority of the population. If he cannot explain himself to the people and make them feel safe and secure, then the people will not trust him. His latest pivot of change is in his attitude and demeanor. He may not have wounded the Republican Party as much now as he did with his past mistakes, but it does show he is repeatedly making bad choices. One can only wonder how long the calmer Trump will prevail.

Opinion News Written by Katherine Miller
Edited by Jeanette Smith

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