Street FIghter V Season One Comes to a Close

Street Fighter V
The cross-platform fighting game Street Fighter V has finally released all six of their characters and closed out the roster for the season. As the most recent update brings an end to the season, it also brings with it Missions, Costume Colors and Vs CPU mode. With the majority of recent content being free, it is high time to tip hats toward Capcom on making good on the things they said they wanted to add to the game way back in February (when the game originally launched).

The (arguably) biggest thing about the new update is the addition of Urien. Seen in the shadows of the added story mode, Urien waits for the right time to make his appearance, and he is sure worth the wait. Urien is mostly a charge character, but he also has a chargeable hadoken that can be shot forward or diagonally into the air. His V-skill is really interesting though. Like Alex, the V-skill is best used when alone and preparing for a big attack, it is a power-up move of sorts. After using the V-skill Urien gains one hit armor on his next charged special move. This means that something like Dangerous Headbutt can be used safely through fireballs without using the EX version, which is great because Dangerous Headbutt can link into Urien’s Critical Art, Dominant Crush (and using the ex version of Dangerous Headbutt to get into the opponent would take the energy necessary to perform a critical art). Urien has a lot to live up to being the season conclusion, luckily he certainly looks like a great addition to the cast.

September 22 was when Capcom released the most recent patch. The Update came with Street Fighter veteran Urien, who is the sixth and final downloadable character. Does it end there, will a second season continue to add characters to Street Fighter V? Really, it is anyone’s guess at the moment. It is still too soon to tell if the season was a success, seeing as the game launched on a rough note for long-time fans of the series. Now, more than half a year has passed and the game finally has some of the criteria that people wanted from the beginning: working servers, a story mode, Vs CPU mode. Plus it helps that the new missions add a new little stockpile of fight money to earn every week, oh and adding new stage knockouts on old stages is pretty neat too.

Now that the first season is over it is interesting to consider what the next hypothetical season could have in store for the fighting video game powerhouse. A second story featuring Urien’s rise and fall? Another lackluster double experience weekend? Sean? Ed? All of those certainly has potential, but it really depends on where Capcom wants to focus their attention. Do they think the Capcom Pro Tour wants something in particular they can focus on? Surely the bundle they made that included the Ring stage gave them a more current idea of the public’s view of them. The fighting game community seems to have a lot of feelings about the game, hopefully Capcom is aware of that.

Did Capcom release Street Fighter V too early, would people have rather waited until now before getting their hands on it or has the newly found fanbase make the extra wait worth it? Feel free to leave a comment under this article and shed some light for the fighting game community.

Written by Garrett Jutte
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