Vote to Become an ‘Avenger’ in a World of Evildoers

voteIn 2012, the movie phenomenon “The Avengers” filled theaters across the globe. Commercials, product advertisements, and billboards plastered with this ragtag team of superheroes who somehow forge a relationship to help save humanity from certain destruction at the hands of an evil villain was a fan favorite. The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Scarlet leaped into action after being convinced by the military genius Mr. Furry. They were able to put aside their differences and work for the greater good. In the end, the world is safe.

In the first two weeks, the film raked in over $215 million and instantly confirming the superhero concept of “The Avengers” was not so new, in fact, it is sometimes a very common occurrence. During this election season, more than just the presidency is at stake.  Although crime, division, malice and wrongdoing seems to be ever-present, instead of wallowing in discouragement voters need to exercise the right to become an avenger in a world of evildoers.

After the computer generated images, million dollar budgets and Hollywood star power are stripped away, an Avenger is simply an individual who takes up the cause of another who is unable to protect himself or herself. In different circles, that person may be referred to as an advocate. At the core of humanity, people should make a choice to operate by the infamous Golden Rule, which is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” By the looks of American culture, it seems many have strayed far away from this simple principle.

Society has always been balanced by persons stepping up to the plate to champion causes bigger than themselves. These everyday avengers have come in the form of presidents willing to abolish slavery, pilots flying beyond enemy lines, ministers willing to lock arms and protest on behalf of others for equal rights and even voters who go to the polls to make their voice heard. Society has been privileged to experience them come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures all with the same selfless spirit. They may not have worn a cape but were viewed as “super” just the same.  During this heated election season, voters possess that same heroic power.


In the midst of all the confusion screaming across the fabric of today’s society, many would love to function as an avenger but are not sure how. Here are a few places modern-day Avengers have the ability to cast a vote in a world of evil and take action:

In the area of women’s rights

It is not uncommon to see the face of a woman plastered on the cover of business magazines as top CEOs and other company leaders. However, in the broader scope of the country, there are still great strides needed to bring equality across genders. In the United States, women still earn dramatically less than their male counterparts do in Corporate America. First Lady Michelle Obama championed equal pay for equal work on the campaign trail and now organizations such as the National Organization for Women remain on the front line of this issue fighting to make sure the progress achieved in the last sixty years is not in vain. Without the vote, progress does not happen.

Better education in underserved communities

Civil Rights leader and advocate Malcolm X once said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” This concept has been the foundation for public education in America. The right to receive adequate training to be a productive and prosperous American is the right of every person. Therefore, it is amazing to see certain communities with gross neglect and weak curriculums. These areas lack a voice to speak on their behalf. It is encouraging to see leadership like the Gary Comer College Prep School that shines as a beacon in the Chicago area. Amidst killing and senseless loss of life, this school boasts an excellent attrition rate for high school seniors accepted into college.

Better healthcare for all people

The country is in the middle of a tug of war. Unfortunately, what is at stake is far greater than bragging rights. The health and welfare of seniors and children hang in the balance of those on Capitol Hill. Whether Obamacare is right or wrong is not as important as the need for dialogue around this issue. On one hand, there are elderly who are struggling with the decision to purchase food or their prescriptions and on the other, there are parents who cannot receive proper care at neighborhood clinics. Parents should not have to wonder if their doctor could afford to keep his doors open when he is the only office in the community. There is an initiative to bring mobile clinics to the heart of areas needing it the most. Armed with immunizations, screening, and dental supplies, they are giving away services free that otherwise would not even happen.

The moral of becoming an Avenger

No one promises a cape or a billboard, but everyone has a super ability to step in and relieve the sufferings of others. All it takes to be a real-life Avenger is the choice to fight for the needs of the less fortunate; those without a voice or an advocate. In November do not sit idly by, vote to become an avenger in a world seemingly overtaken by evildoers. Not only does this produce a sense of fulfillment and greatness, it also provides the opportunity to be remembered as a modern-day Avenger. These are only a few of many opportunities for activism, but there are many ways to become an active participant in the goal for change.

It may seem small and uneventful, but the vote has a unique power to affect the Oval Office more than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  For those who have not been privileged to cast an early ballot, pause for the cause and vote, vote, vote on November 8.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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