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The American superhero movie “Logan” was released in Berlin, Germany on Feb. 17, 2017. It is slated for release in the United States on March 3. The film is distributed by 20th Century Fox and has a running time of 135 minutes.

Hugh Jackman stars as the infamous character and has been doing so for the past 17 years. However, it is rumored that his role in “Logan” will be his final portrayal of Wolverine.

The movie features the Marvel Comic character Wolverine and is the tenth installment in the X-Men series. It is the third and final solo film with Wolverine as its main character. His other movies are:

  • “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”
  • “The Wolverine”

The new movie shows an aging and enervated Logan, who is caring for a fragile and ailing Professor X, in an attempt to hide from the world and the Wolverine’s legacy. Together, they are hiding out near the Mexican border. Unfortunately, his undertaking of the task is uprooted by a young mutant who is being pursued by evil forces.

Logan’s Clone Daughter

LoganIn “Logan,” a new character by the name of X-23 aka Laura Kinney emerges. Played by Dafne Keen, she is the clone daughter of Wolverine. Like father like daughter, the mini-me also has regenerative healing, heightened senses, and speed. She also has retractable adamantium coated bone-claws in her hands and feet.

The clone’s first appearance on-screen was in Episode 11 of Season 3 in the animated television series, “X-Men: Evolution,” titled “X-23.” The female Wolverine’s debut in comics was in 2004, in a series called “NYX.” She became part of the X-Men cast in “Uncanny X-Men” issue #450.

In the movie “Logan,” a top-secret program tries to replicate their original Weapon X experiment when they bonded adamantium to Wolverine’s skeleton. This time, however, it was taken in a new direction. Dr. Martin Scutter enlists the mutant doctor of genetics, Dr. Sarah Kinney to make a clone of Wolverine. Working alongside Dr. Kinney is Dr. Zander Rice. He was raised by Dr. Sutter after he was left orphaned by the first Weapon X.

Dr. Kinney is unable to produce the male clone from the sample they have, as it damaged and they were unable to save the Y chromosome. She proposes that a female clone be made, but she is denied. However, the doctor defies Dr. Sutter and attempts to recreate a clone using the X chromosome. After the 22nd failure, she succeeded on the 23rd and produced a viable sample.

Dr. Rice punishes Dr. Kinney for her insubordination. She is made to act as the surrogate mother to the clone. Her every move is monitored during her pregnancy until she gives birth to X-23. However, after giving birth to her daughter, Dr. Kinney was not allowed to care for or treat her with any kind of tender love or touch.

Because of the young clone’s controlled environment, she speaks using perfect grammar and hardly ever uses slang. As a result of her strict upbringing, Laura began to use her claws to cut herself. This self-harm behavior started at a very young age.

Part of the young clone’s rigorous environment included being exposed to radiation poisoning to activate her mutant gene. Dr. Rice also tortured X-23 by extracting her claws to coat them with adamantium and then reinserting them without using anesthetics.

Unfortunately, the doctor was not done. He then went as far as to make a trigger sent that sends the mutant into a murderous rage when she smells it. Then X-23 is trained to be an assassin for hire. Her orders? To kill anyone, everywhere, for a price.

Dr. Rice fires Dr. Kinney for taking the young mutant from the premises to track down her kidnapped niece, Megan, and kill her abductors. After their return Dr. Rice orders X-23 to kill Dr. Sutter and his family, telling her not to tell anyone. However, Laura infroms her mother that the doctor is responsible for the murders. Before Dr. Kinney leaves, Dr. Rice reveals the other incubation pods that hold subjects X-24 through X-50.

In a ditch effort to rid the world of Dr. Rice and the other Weapon X’s Dr. Kinney writes her daughter a letter giving her one more mission: kill Dr. Rice and destroy the pods. X-23 succeeds, however, before the mutant killed the Dr. Rice, he exposed the young clone to the trigger sent. This sends her into a murderous rage, and she kills her mother.

Fortunately, before Dr. Kinney dies, she tells her daughter that her name is Laura and she loves her. She then hands the girl pictures of Wolverine, Xavier and the Xavier Institute.

The Cast

Logan“Logan” has some of the usual faces fans are used to seeing in the Wolverine movies as well as new ones.

  • Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, is the accelerated self-healing and physically enhanced mutant.
  • Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, is played by Patrick Stewart. He a telepath and founder of the Xavier Institute. Also, he was the former leader and founder of the X-men.
  • Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook, is the head of security and leader of the Reavers.
  • Zander Rice, is played by Richard E. Grant, is the surgical head of project Transigen.
  • Caliban, played by Stephan Merchant, is helping Logan take care of Xavier. He does this by using his excellent tracking skills of other mutants.
  • Laura Kinney, aka X-23, is played by Dafne Keen, is the mutant clone of Wolverine.

Fans are in for a treat with the new young actress Keen who is playing X-23. The trailer shows the young mutant in a convenience store eating chips and popping a soda open. She is trying on a pair of sunglasses when the store clerk says to her, “Hello, you know you gotta to pay for that, right?” The girl runs, and the clerk blocks her saying, “hey, come on,” taking away her snacks. A few seconds later the mutant is screaming and flipping the guy onto his back. Laura’s fist is inches from the clerk’s face when Logan comes in and says to her, “not okay!” He grabs her arm and some snacks and leaves the store with X-23 in tow.

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