New England Patriots the Comeback Kings of Super Bowl XL

New England Patriots

As said by some spectators, the date of February 6, 2017, will forever be remembered as the most epic victory in any sports history. The Biggest comeback in Super Bowl history just went down after the New England Patriots annihilated the Atlanta Falcons after a 28-3 deficit. Never since 1962 has a team won in overtime.

Things heated up in the fourth-quarter rally when the New England Patriots showed they were not backing down. With their backs against the wall, the Patriots trailing behind by 19 points, broke the mold like no other team in the history of the NFL.

However, they did not do this alone. Their secret weapon, quarterback Tom Brady rose out of the ashes bringing the team to win 34-28 in overtime. If that was not enough, Tom Brady transcribed the most spectacular chapter in his future Hall of Fame profession, receiving MVP admirations to set up a highly-expected Monday morning MVP news session with Roger Goodell, who is the NFL administrator.New England Patriots

Also, Danny Amendola pulled through the trenches to help overcome a 25-point deficit with one of the Patriots’ two fourth-quarter touchdowns. Even Tinsel town could not come up with a script that was more compelling, suspenseful and nail biting as the fourth quarter and overtime.

The New England Patriots became the first football team to take home nine Super Bowls in the 2016–17 competition. Their victory over the Atlanta Falcons in tonight win, lined the way for their fifth Super Bowl triumph, the most in NFL history. Still, it appears the team will continue their dynasty well into their next season.

However, at the end of the day, Brady took the spotlight as he collected his record fifth Super Bowl in a competition he devoted to his mother, Galynn, who has been fighting an unrevealed sickness.

Written By Jomo Merritt
Edited by Cathy Milne


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