Jimmy Garoppolo Was Hacked on Instagram


March 10, 2017, Jimmy Garoppolo’s Instagram was apparently hacked. A post was sent by someone indicating he was about to be traded from the New England Patriots. Fans of the backup quarterback’s team were immediately sent into an uproar. He posted on Facebook that he was the victim of a hacker and the Instagram post was false.

The post stated that he was “very thankful for being a part of the Patriots. Peace out Boston.”

Several teams are looking at Tom Brady’s backup as a top trade possibility, especially the Cleveland Browns. At 25 years old, his contract as a rookie will expire at the end of the upcoming season, making him a free agent. This would make him one of the five highest-paid quarterbacks. New England presently pays Brady $22 million a year, so if they were to pick up Garoppolo, it would use most of their budget for the salary cap.

As a backup quarterback, during Brady’s absence, he did quite well. However, while New England does not intend to trade him, it is unlikely they could afford to keep him.

The Garoppolo Instagram post was politely worded but sent the NFL into a panic. However, it was not sent by him.

Written by Katherine Miller
Edited by Jeanette Smith


Sports Illustrated: Jimmy Garoppolo’s Instagram hack caused little harm but legal options still remain

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Gregor Smith’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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