Sales 101 Do Not Be a Jerk


Sales 101 begins with the last item that you purchased. Now, think about the salesperson, were they a jerk? Did you buy the item because she had on snazzy shoes, or were they going to give you a free sticker with your purchase? No. You bought it because you wanted the item. More importantly, you purchased the items because you liked them.

I get it. Not everyone has something they are looking to sell. Whether it is convincing your kid to pick up his socks or persuading your boss to give you a 10 percent raise, these techniques can be applied in any setting. The best salespeople are strong negotiators. They are real, informative, direct, and pleasant. The type that you may even want to meet for a beer.

Does that mean the product, procedure, or promotion does not really matter? Actually, hold on to your seats, it may not.

Think about a pen. That trusty little guy that floats around the mounds of paperwork on your desk. It gets gnawed on by your teeth and tapped like a drumstick. We buy a bazillion packs of pens and just use them until they run out of ink. They go missing, just like socks in the dryer.

We all have those special pens, like the one that jerk gave us during a Sales 101 meeting. Or, the one you got from that really nice girl who complimented you on your suit. You may even name that pen. You may mutter to yourself, “now where did my Chrysalis Group pen go? That is my favorite one.”

As lame of an example that is, think about how true it is. The more of an attachment you have to something, the more important it is to you. Take it from a girl whose husband keeps all of the pens that he has an emotional attachment too, even if they are out of ink.

Let’s apply that to a business setting. I’m assuming, like me, you get 10 phone calls a day from someone trying to sell you something. Such as your business name on place mats, billboards, new phones, software, you name it. How simple is it to just politely say, “I’m not interested?” If they are not physically in front of you, it is pretty darn easy. But, that one salesperson that stops in, leaves you a note, asking if you can meet, and then follows up, you will be more willing to entertain.

In this Sales 101 Do Not Be a Jerk article, we have broken down how easy it is to be a good salesperson and how these traits can be relatable to anything in life, family, friends or work. We dove deep into the heart of relationship building, the soul of customer service, the art of speaking to people. In order to sell something… hey man, just don’t be a jerk.

Opinion by Melanie Brewer
Edited by Katherine Miller and Tracy Blake


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