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Tell Corporate America Enough Is Enough Boycott NFL



Americans must stand together to truly make this country great. Everyone is affected by racism and injustice whether it comes from a corrupted government, corporation, or another group.

The members of the U.S. military have fought and died to protect the freedoms and rights of American citizens. Do not let their deaths be discounted.

It is important to point out that blacks are the number one consumer group in the world. They spend over 1 trillion dollars a year dining out and purchasing goods. What would happen globally if they stopped spending money?  The government and corporations already know the answer and they have spent billions to keep that from happening. African-Americans, as a people, must break the chains of oppression, inequality, racism, and hate. Americans must remind the government they work for the people. Corporations need to be told that without consumer support they will cease to exist.

To make an impact, any person who wants to see a better future for themselves, their children and grandchildren should boycott NFL this season. Do not patronize any establishment that supports the organization. That includes restaurants that show the games on their TV screens and any retailer selling NFL clothing, shoes, or related items.

Moreover, boycott any corporation that advertises during NFL football games. This movement will not only affect change here in America but globally.

Racism and injustice are not exclusively American problems. Since it is also a global concern, everyone, no matter what country of residence, should help by participating in the boycott.

This is the most effective way to protest. Instead of marching and taking a chance of getting hurt or being arrested a person can protest safely at home while making a bigger difference. The next time a group wants to march and protest the best way to send a personal message out is to not show up at the rally. Let them talk to themselves. This will take away their platform to spread hate.

Remember this is bigger than Colin Kaepernick. Boycott the NFL whether or not he is able to sign a contract for the season. It is vital to let the world know injustice and racism must end.

Opinion by Tony Mitchell
Edited by Cathy Milne

Image Courtesy of rocor’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License