Donald Trump Will Be Advised by His Attorneys Before He Speaks With FBI


President Donald J. Trump stated to a group of reporters that he would wish to speak with Robert Muller. The reporters were meeting with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. Muller is a special counsel in a federal probe to investigate the Russian dossier scandal. However, Trump stated that he will listen to the advice of his attorneys before he talks to the special counsel.

CNN stated that Trump was asked if he was going to speak with Muller. Trump responded that he is eager to have talks with him. He said that there is no collusion and no obstruction, and he is “looking forward” to the talks.

The president then stated that his opponents would wrongly view his attempts to retaliate against the investigation as obstruction. Some of his critics said that if he fights back it is an obstruction of justice.

The executive branch told reporters that the interview would be an issue for his attorneys to discuss. However, he would personally be in favor of being able to do it. His exchange of words with the press took place on Jan. 24, 2018.

The U.S. president said that he would conduct the interview under oath. White House Attorney Ty Cobb responded to Trump’s comments and said that President Trump was speaking quickly before he left for Davos.

However, Cobb is committed to complete cooperation with the special council team. He is eager to meet with Muller as well. He added that arrangements for the meeting are still being established between the president’s lawyers and the team, and Trump will be advised by his lawyers before he speaks with the head investigator.

The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Try Gowdy, who is a Republican from South Carolina, raised concerns that the two members of the FBI hierarchy who exchanged private text messages discussing a secret society. The concept of a secret society was mentioned shortly after then-candidate Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

Gowdy is a member of an array of Republicans who are upset about the text messages between the two members of the FBI. The two FBI figures are Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer, and Peter Strozk, an FBI agent. The Hill reported that the text messages serve as evidence for the bureau’s partisan feelings toward Trump, as well as Hillary Clinton’s private email servers.

Strozk formerly served on both investigations before being terminated by Muller. Strozk talked in openly mocking terms about the commander-and-chief.

Gowdy said on Fox News that the day after the election two FBI agents exchange texts. The FBI agents texted about a potential first meeting of a secret society.

Gowdy stated that he would like to know what secret society they were talking about, due to the fact that they are investigating the person who had just won the Electoral College. The agents said they had an “insurance policy,” which has captured the attention of the Republican Party.

However, The Washington Post reported that the Republicans in Congress were divided on Jan. 28, about protecting Muller, and that Trump will be advised by his lawyers before he speaks to the FBI. Two senators have encouraged plans to make it more difficult for the president to fire Muller. However, a prominent lawmaker in the House has declared them unnecessary.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Featured Image Courtesy of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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